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Reading is the most important thing a child will ever learn. It underpins everything at school, and beyond school. Reading builds language and vocabulary; it allows children to transport to magical places around the world and fills their heads with a rich array of knowledge. Reading invokes curiosity, empathy and develops emotional intelligence. Most importantly, it provides our children with an essential life skill that they need to unlock, in order to succeed in their future life. 

This blog will celebrate the rich culture of reading here at Earith Primary School.


 And another link with a famous author...
Author Andy Shepherd was delighted to receive letters from Bluebell Class. After reading the first 2 books in the series, children were inspired to share their own ideas with the author. Not only did Andy Shepherd write a personal letter to Bluebell Class, she also included a wealth of information about the development of her characters.
What's more...Mrs Lawrence had the opportunity to meet and discuss books with Andy!
A fantastic series of books - available from our library!  
image 20 image 22
image 21 image 23

Library open for business at lunchtime! 

New, exciting book titles have been added and the librarians have been trained. 

This week, our wonderful librarians have welcomed and supported children during our lunchtime library sessions. 

Exciting times!

image 12

image 16
Exciting times! Our new reading journals (trialled in Dahlia Class) have certainly captured the thoughts and emotions of our readers.
image 8
image 10 image 9
image 11


Story Time happens every day here at school.  Mr Abbs has recently enjoyed reading Gorilla & Grandpa to Thistle…

Gorilla Gramdpa

‘I liked it when the Gorilla dressed in dad’s clothes.  Hannah’s dad didn’t have much time for her but in the end, he took her to the zoo’ (Amelia: Thistle Class)

 …Penguin and Yeti And The Bird with Daffodil Class

Penguin Yeti

My favourite bit was when Ben came flying out of the lion’s mouth and when penguin bit lion on the nose!’

(Sullivan: Daffodil Class)

‘Everyone was scared of Yeti so they left him alone.  In the end, he made friends with a little bird’

(Elsie H: Daffodil Class)


Our fabulous new library, fully-stocked with great books.  New librarians appointed - ready and raring to go!

Lib2 Lib3
Lib4 Lib5

Week 1 in school and already children are being awarded our brand-new reading certificates for their reading endeavours - fantastic.

Reading Award


Mason Big Book

Children across school this week have been getting stuck into some of our new books, including children in Upper Key Stage Two reading with their buddies.


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