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Reading is the most important thing a child will ever learn. It underpins everything at school, and beyond school. Reading builds language and vocabulary; it allows children to transport to magical places around the world and fills their heads with a rich array of knowledge. Reading invokes curiosity, empathy and develops emotional intelligence. Most importantly, it provides our children with an essential life skill that they need to unlock, in order to succeed in their future life. 

This blog will celebrate the rich culture of reading here at Earith Primary School.


2.2.23: Pupil Quote


‘I don’t want this book to end!’ (Jake: Year 5)

The power of good-quality fiction…say no more!


30.1.23: Core Value Reading Legends: Readiness Reading Legend

Rediness legend

On your marks, get set…READ!

Our second Core Value Reading Legend, Readiness Reading Legend taught children what readiness around reading looks like, from the moment they wake up in the morning, in preparation for reading, during reading and after reading. For example, understanding home and school timetables/routines; being in the right frame of mind to read; tracking the text during reading; checking on others’ reading accuracy; being alert to turn the page; sensing the end of the page, the chapter, or the book amongst many other (in fact, 20!) examples given.

Once we had raised children’s awareness of all the brilliant things they do (many of our children by way of ‘auto-pilot’), it was time for us to ‘up the ante’: pupils demonstrating super readiness for learning through: timed reading fitness circuits; Theatre readiness; genre circuits; speed reading competitions; readiness dictionary skills and readiness treasure hunts… to name but a few!

Children even demonstrated super readiness in our assembly, trying to find Ready Robert who had cunningly hidden himself inside every slide! I wonder if you can spot him in the slides above?

See you again in Spring 2 for our next Core Value Reading Legend.

Daff1 Daff2 Dahlia1
Dahlia2 BBell1 BBell2
Thistle1 Thistle2


Not 10 books… Not 15 books… but 24 books! 

Oliver has read a whopping 24 books since September! 

“I really love the Astrosaurs set of books. They are my new, favourite books to read”  

Oliver – Bluebell Class 

Following a visit to the school library, Oliver has now found 3 more ‘Astrosaurs’ books to add to his reading list! 



Even our youngest children are making comparisons and connections between books they have enjoyed! 

“The picture on the back cover of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, is similar to the picture in the story, There’s a Tiger in the Garden    

Darcie – Daffodil Class

Darcie reading  12.12.22: Core Value Reading Legends: Resourceful Reading Legend

Resourceful Reader

We have kick-started our Core Value Reading Legends with the inaugural one: Resourceful Reading Legend – a themed day (or, Legend!) teaching children what it looks like to be resourceful around reading.  Whether that’s reading blurbs; using contents pages; glossaries; your phonic knowledge; a bookmark; a comfy chair…to name but a few….

One special outcome from our Legend:  every child showing resourcefulness (using the Reader Teacher – see blog below) to choose a book that they would love to read that we currently don’t own in our library.

The orders are in.  Using our kind donation, we will purchase these books and deliver them to our children in the New Year.  What a way to combat any New Year Blues!

Watch this space for our next Reading Legend…coming in Spring 1!

7.12.22 The Reader Teacher 

Parents, you have to check out this site; it is your ‘go to’ for recommended children’s literature:


We love the Reader Teacher   https://www.thereaderteacher.com/   here at Earith Primary School.  Not only is this website really user-friendly for our young people to be inspired by great books, it also has some fabulous features.   

You can search for high-quality, recommended books by: 

-your child’s year group and/or Key Stage 

-books you might like that are similar to other authors (Book Match) 

-Brand-new books 

-Top 3 (books related to a theme/topic) 

-Top 100 Recommended reads 

Not sure what book to buy your child for Christmas?  Why not start here? 

Children in school will be pick a book for the school to purchase on their behalf from the Reader Teacher as part of our Resourceful Reading Legend day on the  12th December.  Children will enjoy their new book, before returning it to the library for somebody else to enjoy.   Thank you to the Fox Family who have made this possible with their more-than-generous donation...watch this space… 


Capturing Reading Contributions 

During class story (Dave’s Cave) in Daffodil class, Paddy was quick-off the-mark to identify – based on his knowledge of the book – that when Dave did eventually find the cave he longed for….it was his own; home sweet home! 

Then this: when posed the question by me (Mr Abbs): ‘There are no words, but just one picture on the last page; what do you think it is?’, Georgie was able to describe exactly what was going on in the picture without even seeing it…. 

Georgie & Paddy – the ‘Inferential Detectives’: fabulous listening; fabulous watching; fabulous comprehension.

DSCN7262 IMG 2890
 IMG 1998



What a wonderful conversation between two children from Thistle Class on a Friday morning. Both children were comparing two class reading books - both thinking carefully about characters, settings and plots. 
The love of reading certainly shone through!
181122 1
181122 2 181122 3


What a BUMPER week in the library!
This week, our dedicated librarians have certainly been busy. With so many children wanting to spend time reading and browsing in the library, additional librarians were drafted in to deal with the rush!
Lib1111122 Lib3111122 Lib4111122
Lib2111122 Lib5111122


What a fabulous sight this afternoon!

Book clubis up and running again, with a wide selection of exciting books for all ages.

Children thoroughly enjoyed browsing, discussing, and choosing books to save up for. 

Book Club – Every Friday!




21.10.22: Teas & Coffee in the Library

Refreshments were served in the library this week during Parents’ Evenings.  Lovely to see our parents having a look at our books and a catch-up with staff in this warming environment.

PEvening21.10.22: Reading Display 

As if the advantages for reading weren’t obvious enough…here’s a visual reminder, children: 

20.10.22: Dear Mr Abbs 

Letters started appearing under my office door, closely proceeded by – what can only be described as – chortles, giggles and mild-mannered screams… 

…they want something, but what was it this time? 


Thank goodness – not another request for a chocolate fountain or a waterslide in the pool! 

Specific book titles children in Dahlia are desperate to read.  

Well…when they ask so nicely, and write so beautifully, how could I possibly say no? Watch this space! 

Envelopes Letters

14.10.22:   54 Beautiful Books! 

We have two new displays celebrating reading in school – here’s one of them – Book Study. 

Over the course of the Academic Year, pupils from all four classes will study 54 books, linked to their learning in English lessons, and in some cases, across other subjects. This display will celebrate these books.   

It will be a visual opportunity, as the year progresses for pupils to revisit, remember and celebrate just one aspect of their rich reading journey here at Earith Primary School. 


 And another link with a famous author...
Author Andy Shepherd was delighted to receive letters from Bluebell Class. After reading the first 2 books in the series, children were inspired to share their own ideas with the author. Not only did Andy Shepherd write a personal letter to Bluebell Class, she also included a wealth of information about the development of her characters.
What's more...Mrs Lawrence had the opportunity to meet and discuss books with Andy!
A fantastic series of books - available from our library!  
image 20 image 22
image 21 image 23

Library open for business at lunchtime! 

New, exciting book titles have been added and the librarians have been trained. 

This week, our wonderful librarians have welcomed and supported children during our lunchtime library sessions. 

Exciting times!

image 12

image 16
Exciting times! Our new reading journals (trialled in Dahlia Class) have certainly captured the thoughts and emotions of our readers.
image 8
image 10 image 9
image 11


Story Time happens every day here at school.  Mr Abbs has recently enjoyed reading Gorilla & Grandpa to Thistle…

Gorilla Gramdpa

‘I liked it when the Gorilla dressed in dad’s clothes.  Hannah’s dad didn’t have much time for her but in the end, he took her to the zoo’ (Amelia: Thistle Class)

 …Penguin and Yeti And The Bird with Daffodil Class

Penguin Yeti

My favourite bit was when Ben came flying out of the lion’s mouth and when penguin bit lion on the nose!’

(Sullivan: Daffodil Class)

‘Everyone was scared of Yeti so they left him alone.  In the end, he made friends with a little bird’

(Elsie H: Daffodil Class)


Our fabulous new library, fully-stocked with great books.  New librarians appointed - ready and raring to go!

Lib2 Lib3
Lib4 Lib5

Week 1 in school and already children are being awarded our brand-new reading certificates for their reading endeavours - fantastic.

Reading Award


Mason Big Book

Children across school this week have been getting stuck into some of our new books, including children in Upper Key Stage Two reading with their buddies.


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