6 June 2023

Dahlia School Trip - 06.06.2023

We all had an amazing time connecting with nature and spending the whole day, learning outdoors. The children's questioning and understanding of fruit-farming practices were outstanding, and they were really able to deepen their understanding about the importance of an ecosystem. All of this was…

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Image of Earith Village Book Club visit
2 June 2023

Earith Village Book Club visit

We even had the local Earith Village Book Club visit, who, in advance, had read many of the titles our children have studied as part of the curriculum in order to lead engaging book discussions - fabulous.


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Image of The Coronation
7 May 2023

The Coronation

Friday saw our celebration assembly and a chance to view the Coronation Quilt, which is on tour–

our pupils from Sewing Club have contributed to this, with their beautifully regal patches.

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1 May 2023

Sports Day

Sports Day, what a fantastic end of a fantastic week

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30 April 2023

Ladybird Boat & Holt Island Trip: Thistle

A lovely day in the locality with Thistle: exploring Holt Island and enjoying a leisurely ride up the river – in the sun!

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25 April 2023

Illumina 25.04.2023

Bluebell and Dahlia had a fantastic time in the science session led by Illumina on Tuesday afternoon, learning about DNA and how to extract it from a strawberry! There was a lot of excitement and talking for learning within the room! 

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28 March 2023

Tim: Stonemason, Sculptor, Carver – Visit 28.03.2023

Whole-hearted thanks to Tim for volunteering his morning to visit every class at Earith and speak to our pupils so passionately about his craft. Not only did Tim teach our pupils all about his trade, steeped in knowledge to support the DT curriculum, he also delved into the history, geography and…

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27 March 2023

Maths Day 27.03.2023

Tessellating patterns; a world record for the largest part-whole model; pictograms, doubles; maths graffiti and drones, amongst many other activities – fun with numbers for all: we hope your children enjoyed their World Maths Day 2023

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