Earith Primary School

Wildlife Camera

 If you go down in the Earith Woodlands today, you're sure of a big surprise...


The children are busy in the classrooms...the wildlife is busy outside: Daytime sightings x4!

3.4.23: Sighting 5
When Cat met Badger
16.3.23:   Sighting 4
Badger, Birdy & Cat!

7.3.22: Elysia’s Footprints:

Ok, so not exactly Elysia’s footprints – these ones:


Spotted on Sunday whilst Elysia was out dog walking.  Inspired to find out more…


…Elysia embarks on further research (https://www.rspb.org.uk/globalassets/downloads/animaltracks_tcm9-133380.pdf) – identifying them as a fox’s prints.

Super skills, Elysia – and thank you for sharing with the children in assembly.


Sighting 3: Local cat?!

Cat1 Sighting 2: Badger’s Back, Alright! (And eating a pear!)



 Eleanor & Aurelia: following ‘Sighting 1’ – inspired by our visitor, creating extensive PowerPoints in their own time & sharing some amazing facts with me (Mr Abbs).



Sighting 1: Badger

 Hello Mr Badger! What brings you to our grounds? Questions posed to children.



PS: note the month, time of evening and outside temperature.  Does this provide any further clues?

PPS: we recognise it’s not 2024…and we know we don’t record dates in this order….apparently, we used to, like America, before we adopted the European approach!  Technical camera issues to be resolved!

Some additional information researched and provided by Elysia in Year 1.  Thank You, Elysia.  See below:


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