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 Keeping in Touch




We hope you enjoy looking at how you are all working hard and keeping busy, we are all very proud of you!

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Keeping in touch 11

More updates from our super home learners

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Don't forget to have a look at the latest Assembly here

Millie, how wonderful!!




 Oliver R, what a star!!








Fantastic Olivia!!








Lovely work Aurelia!!

waters1 waters2

Nico, super work!!

nico1 nico2

Maya, you have been amazing us with the variety of projects you have been doing!!

Maya1 Maya2 Maya3
Maya4 Maya5 Maya6

Joshua, this is fabulous work!!






Margaret, what a fantastic poem!!


Elexa and Lucas have been so busy working away with home learning, brilliant!!

Elexa2 Elexa 3 Elexa and Lucas work together Lucas1
Elexa Geometry Elexa home schooling 11 June 20 Lucas and Elexa baking Lucas Numbers

Amelia you are a super star!!

Amelia1 Amelia2 Amelia3 Amelia4
Amelia5 Amelia6 Amelia7 Amelia8


Keeping in touch 10

Please enjoy the latest work sent in

We hope you have a lovely half term - from all the staff at Earith School

Fantastic work Daniel

DanielTrinity has been keeping fit and a lovely drawing

trin1 trin2 trin3 trin4

 Georgina Rae has done a lovely Acrostic poem on Lockdown

georginaAlissa and Myles work on chapter 9 of Willy Wonker

Rog1 rog2 rog4

 Volcano and Italy work from Aurelia and Aysha

wat3 wat4 wat5
wat1 wat2

Amelia has been so busy again

amelia1 amelia2 amelia3 amelia4
amelia5 amelia6 amelia7  


Keeping in touch 9

Danny and his owl artwork

dannyGood work Rosie 

rosie1 rosie2 rosie3 rosie4

Millie's spitfire drawing

millie1 millie2

Lucas and Elexa- Home Schooling

Lucas 10 in different ways


Lucas numbers in chalk


Lucas letters on patio

Elexa spellng test

Things Maya has been doing

maya1 maya2 maya3

VE Day ready with Aysha and Aurelia





wat4 wat5 wat6

Lilly has been extremely busy

lilly1 lilly2 lilly3






Keeping in touch 8

Our little visitors in the School staff room made us smile 

Amazing artwork from Grace

graceLucas made a beanstalk

Lucas BeanstalkMegan doing some lovely work

Megan1 Megan2

Lucy has been enjoying doing the Bingo work but is missing everyone lots

Lucy1 Lucy2 Lucy3

The girls have been learning all about France today and have even sung a song in French! 😂😂
They built the Eiffel Tower out of bunchems and learnt about the Louvre, Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower and the Arc di Triomphe

Waters1 Waters2 Waters3 Waters4
Waters5 Aysha1 Aysha2 Aysha3

 The Rogers gang have made cards for Captain Tom, play dough cupcakes for Mummy, worksheets and writing.

Rog1Telling time Rog2Worksheets Rog3
Rog4 Rog5 Rog6

Keeping in touch 7

Lucy has been busy over the holidays

lucy1 lucy2
lucy3 lucy4

Wow these two have been very busy - Eleanor and Oliver

el1 el3 el4 el5
el2 ol3
ol1 ol4 ol5 ol7

Maya and her latest activities like helping unload the dishwasher, helping mummy at home working and doing maths!

maya1 maya3 maya4


Elexa and Lucas busy with activities

monk1 monk2 monk4 monk5




monk3 monk8




 Aurelia and Aysha learning with Daddy

wat2 wat3

wat1Nyah made a Bug House


Keeping in touch 5

 Easter fun activities

Lucy has been busy

Lucy1 Lucy2 Lucy3

 Alyssa and Liam out in the garden and keeping active

Nap1 Nap2 Nap3 Nap4

Archie and Olivia exploring and being creative

Buc1 Buc2


Buc5 Buc6 Buc7
Buc3 Buc4 Buc8
This morning we've started on our Easter bingo sheet and started with baking a sweet treat. So we've made some chocolate chip cookie dough balls which are a favourite here. 
And then moved onto doing the chick painting with our finger tips. 
Amelia1 Amelia2 Amelia3
Amelia4 Amelia5 Amelia6
Amelia7 Amelia8 Amelia9

Keeping in touch 4

Orangutans - Mrs Williams has sent a special video out to you on your Purple Mash  - have a look!

Native Americans project

waters1 waters3 waters5

 We've been learning to write, making a clock, using loo paper roll to make a bee to represent Maya and what a busy bee she's recently been. Maya was also diving whilst mummy was counting the time. 

maya4 mayaa3
maya2 maya1

Eleanor and Oliver have been busy

Oliver3 Oliver1 Oliver2

 Amelia said 'Flowers need lots of sun and rain to be able to grow big and tall'

Practising spellings and phonics 

Amelia   Amelia1  

 Margaret has been busy


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