Earith Primary School

Admissions and Appeals

Our catchment area is Earith, although you do not have to live in the catchment area to apply. We follow the Cambridgeshire Admissions Code of Practice. All places are allocated by the Local Authority Admissions Team and not by the school itself, our current addmissions number (PAN) is 20. We strongly advise all parents to visit any school they are considering for the child. We warmly welcome visits. Please telephone the school office to arrange an appointment.

New Reception Children

If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 they can start school in September 2021. Parents will need to apply for a place via the Local Authority Admissions Service.  The closing date for admissions for September 2021 is 15th January 2021.  More information can be found on the Local Authority website:  http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk

You can also visit our New Reception page here

The admissions process for other year groups

The Local Authority Admissions team also allocate school places for children who move school during their Primary Education e.g. if you move house. If you moving to this area and would like your child to come to this school you will need to complete an ‘In Year School’ Application Form. This is available on the admissions website:

https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/moving Schools

Part 1 of the form is completed by you and Part 2 by the head of their current school. When completed it should be sent into the Admissions Team who will consider the application.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either the school on 01487 841868 or the Admissions Team.

Castle Court, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/admissions

Telephone: 0345 045 1370  

Appeals Procedure    

If you wish to appeal against a School Place please see the links below:

How to appeal a School Place Decision

Appeals Timetable 2021

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