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Tessellating patterns; a world record for the largest part-whole model; pictograms, doubles;
maths graffiti and drones, amongst many other activities – fun with numbers for all: we hope
your children enjoyed their World Maths Day 2023

Daffodil class have been comparing two groups of objects using the vocabulary 'more than' and 'fewer than'.

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Using numbots, (numberbond practice) for the first time in Thistle class, and using resources to investigate numbers up to 100.

Children working together collaboratively to solve multi-step reasoning problems involving addition, subtraction and place value.

Daffodil class have been exploring how to make four.  They have used the sentence 'one and another one and another one and another one makes four'.  They have also discovered that four can be made using three and one.
Daffodil class have been exploring ways to make three.  They have used the sentence 'one and another one and another one makes three'.  
We took Maths outside, and used things found in nature as resources to support us. The Year 1s practised their subitising, while the Year 2s made their own natural Base Ten to help understand place value.
Maths Day
Constructing & playing our own maths board games; data handling (class interests); co-ordinates and messages to space and properties of shape - a fun maths day all round!
The reception children have been ordering numbers to 8.  They made towers from one to eight and then placed them in the correct order. 
Later in the week they compared the towers and used them to explore how the numberblocks could play 'peekaboo'.  They used the vocabulary more than and less than to compare the towers as they worked out whether 3 could hide behind 4 or whether 8 could hide behind 7 and so on.
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 Working together in Cygnet Class to show the parts of a whole group.

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