Earith Primary School

History Gallery

Thistle Class have been studying Kings and Queens of England in History this term. Here we have learned about the barons' rebellion against King Henry III, the battle of Lewes, and Simon de Montfort setting up parliament - using the knowledge to re-enact the key events.

Bluebell class enjoyed a fantastic day out at Peterborough Cathedral learning about Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, the history of the monestry that became the Cathedral and the symbolic stone rebuses from the Tudor period. They all behaved brilliantly and should be very proud of themselves.

 Cygnet class discovered that when Mr Potato Head was first invented in the 1950s, children were given just the parts to put onto a real potato!  We compared this to the present day Mr Potato Head toy.

Children learning what sources of information tell us about Greek life at the Fenland Museum of Ancient Greece

Fenland Class interpretation of what the Stone Henge site may have looked like in the Neolithic period

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