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DT Day 12.03.2024

As part of STEM week, the whole school took part in DT Day on Tuesday, learning how the technology of jewellery making has changed over time. It was wonderful to see the children working collaboratively within their Houses to make jewellery using different materials, supporting each other with the practical tasks and sharing their knowledge from across the curriculum.

Tim: Stonemason, Sculptor, Carver – Visit 28.03.2023
Whole-hearted thanks to Tim for volunteering his morning to visit every class at Earith and speak to our pupils so passionately about his craft. Not only did Tim teach our pupils all about his trade, steeped in knowledge to support the DT curriculum, he also delved into the history, geography and science around stonemasonry, sculpting and carving.

It was wonderful to see the children engaged in discussing, planning and preparing food this week. Not only did they consider healthy food options, they also took account of other factors such as seasonality and sustainability. More importantly, the children enjoyed eating their healthy dishes - with many children trying different foods (such as lentils and humous) for the first time!

What an 'egg-citing' end to the school term! The creativity shone through as pupils in Dahlia Class decorated their eggs - all ready for judging! It was lovely to see how the children thought carefully about their designs, and how they collaborated together, to ensure that they were proud of their creations.

In DT, Thistle have been designing and creating their own healthy wraps - using a balanced blend of food groups and flavours from our tasting session. Children have been practising their cutting techniques, using the bridge and claw grips to safely chop their ingredients.

Thistlewrap1 Thistlewrap4
Thistlewrap3 Thistlewrap2

Daffodil Class have been finding out about Shrove Tuesday. They enjoyed taking part in pancake races in the playground. Tuesday afternoon was spent making and then tasting pancakes.

Pan1 Pan2 Pan5

Children in Thistle Class designed and built stable structures - inspired by toy parking garages - using cardboard and other everyday materials. They also learned how to safely use craft knives and handsaws to cut effectively.

IMG 8401 IMG 8409 IMG 8410
IMG 8411 IMG 8414 IMG 8417

Children in Dahlia Class have worked hard to produce some beautifully hand-sewn cushions. After designing their cushions (and evaluating their design/fabric choices) they set to work using different stitches and techniques, to ensure that the cushions were fit for purpose. 


Bluebell Class prepared vegetables (by peeling, chopping and crushing) to create natural dyes for white cotton. Next lesson, they measured and cut the dyed material, leaving a seam allowance. Finally, they sewed scent bags using either running stitch or backstitch. 
berries1 chopping1 sewing3
chopping2 chopping3 peeling1
peeling2 sewing1 sewing2
Daffodil class making and tasting soup and bread.
Bluebell Class had another go at braiding this week and it was brilliant to see everyone moving forward in their learning! We tried braiding plastic ribbon as well as wool. Partners gave each other clear instructions and encouragement, which was wonderful to hear!

Bluebell Class learnt about finger-loop braiding in DT this week and put great effort and concentration into this activity. Below are a few of our finished braids! We will explore some more ways of braiding next week!

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