Earith Primary School


 Hilltop - Day 3

Coastal Taster this morning

Amazing time had by all. The children have been fantastic!

On our way home 13.40

IMG 20220708 WA0024

Peace at last!

Hilltop - Day 2

 The morning after!

IMG 20220707 WA0000IMG 20220707 WA0001

Bikes and Zip Wire

Team work on the Zip!

IMG 20220707 WA00101

High Ropes

Hilltop - Day 1


Year 5 and 6 have left Earith and are well on their way to Hilltop. They have exhausted their repertoire of songs on the coach and all is now quiet!

Eating lunch and playing in the games room.

IMG 20220706 WA0001IMG 20220706 WA0002

Crate stacking and archery - Group 1

Group 2 - terrifying!

Today has been nonstop! The group are in the pool now! 16.38

IMG 20220706 WA0024

Chicken and chips for dinner, followed by chocolate cake and ice cream! 19.35

IMG 20220706 WA0025 IMG 20220706 WA0027
IMG 20220706 WA0026

 Walking down to Sherringham

 Trip to Sheringham beach followed by ice creams

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