Earith Primary School

Ethos, Vision and Values


Our children are our priority and we focus on their development through high-quality teaching that provides rich, broad and enjoyable learning experiences. Everything we do as a school encourages each child to achieve their very best so that all pupils, with support from parents reach for the highest levels of personal achievement and development.   We genuinely care about each member of our school and view Earith Primary as an important part of the wider village community.


Every day we strive to make Earith Primary an enjoyable and rich learning environment where each child is encouraged to achieve their full potential in all areas of personal, social and academic development.


Our school values are based around 5 Rs of:


These values are embedded throughout school life, and all children, from Early Years to Year 6, understand our expectations in displaying these values, both during learning and playtimes. Everyone has a stake in our school behaviour code, which also underpins our values:

Be respectful

Be safe

Be your best

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