Earith Primary School

 Keeping in Touch




We hope you enjoy looking at how you are all working hard and keeping busy, we are all very proud of you!

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Keeping in touch 10

Please enjoy the latest work sent in

We hope you have a lovely half term - from all the staff at Earith School

Fantastic work Daniel

DanielTrinity has been keeping fit and a lovely drawing

trin1 trin2 trin3 trin4

 Georgina Rae has done a lovely Acrostic poem on Lockdown

georginaAlissa and Myles work on chapter 9 of Willy Wonker

Rog1 rog2 rog4

 Volcano and Italy work from Aurelia and Aysha

wat3 wat4 wat5
wat1 wat2

Amelia has been so busy again

amelia1 amelia2 amelia3 amelia4
amelia5 amelia6 amelia7  


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