Earith Primary School

 Keeping in Touch




We hope you enjoy looking at how you are all working hard and keeping busy, we are all very proud of you!

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Keeping in touch 8

Our little visitors in the School staff room made us smile 

Amazing artwork from Grace

graceLucas made a beanstalk

Lucas BeanstalkMegan doing some lovely work

Megan1 Megan2

Lucy has been enjoying doing the Bingo work but is missing everyone lots

Lucy1 Lucy2 Lucy3

The girls have been learning all about France today and have even sung a song in French! 😂😂
They built the Eiffel Tower out of bunchems and learnt about the Louvre, Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower and the Arc di Triomphe

Waters1 Waters2 Waters3 Waters4
Waters5 Aysha1 Aysha2 Aysha3

 The Rogers gang have made cards for Captain Tom, play dough cupcakes for Mummy, worksheets and writing.

Rog1Telling time Rog2Worksheets Rog3
Rog4 Rog5 Rog6
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