Earith Primary School

 Keeping in Touch




We hope you enjoy looking at how you are all working hard and keeping busy, we are all very proud of you!

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Keeping in touch 5

 Easter fun activities

Lucy has been busy

Lucy1 Lucy2 Lucy3

 Alyssa and Liam out in the garden and keeping active

Nap1 Nap2 Nap3 Nap4

Archie and Olivia exploring and being creative

Buc1 Buc2


Buc5 Buc6 Buc7
Buc3 Buc4 Buc8
This morning we've started on our Easter bingo sheet and started with baking a sweet treat. So we've made some chocolate chip cookie dough balls which are a favourite here. 
And then moved onto doing the chick painting with our finger tips. 
Amelia1 Amelia2 Amelia3
Amelia4 Amelia5 Amelia6
Amelia7 Amelia8 Amelia9
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