Earith Primary School

 Keeping in Touch




We hope you enjoy looking at how you are all working hard and keeping busy, we are all very proud of you!

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Keeping in touch 3

Today we have made oobleck. Jake really enjoyed playing with it and getting really Messy. He poured it into pots and placed some treasure in it. He then put it outside to dry, hopefully in a couple of days it will be dry and Jake can excavate the treasure.

Jake1 Jake2 jake3

Millie has been working away


 The Rogers crew have also been busy

rogers1 1Maya working away

Mayaw1 Mayaw2 Mayaw3

 Elexa and Lucas have been keeping busy

Elexa3 Elexa6
Elexa2 Elexa1 Elexa4

 Some more good work going on



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