Earith Primary School

We are recommencing clubs starting after half term with Premier Sports and these will be free of charge until December 11th in the first instance – funded by the school budget.

As you are fully aware, children are not allowed to purposefully cross bubbles so they will be offered out per class bubble on the following days:

Picasso: Tuesday: Multi-Sports

Dali: Wednesday: Multi-Sports

Banksy: Friday: Football

All of these clubs will operate outside unless there is torrential rain so whether-appropriate kit and footwear is essential.

They will run from 3:15pm – 4:15pm and be on a first come, first served basis – booking is online on the Premier Sports Website: https://www.premier-education.com/parents/venue/courses/2136/?f=before-school




These are our music providers

Asca Music


Please click here for Asca Music Services leaflet

At present we have piano, recorder and guitar lessons being taught.


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