Earith Primary School

Dali Class Year 1, 2 and 3 




Dail class teachers are Mrs Williams and Mrs Nicholls

Autumn 20/21

welcome backOur new class is Dali class - Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3

New items added - 09.06.20

There are more video recordings of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and some new blogs and links on Purple Mash.

Message from Mrs Williams 30.4.20

Hi my little Orangutans! :)
I cannot believe it is already the end of April and we have been away from each other for 5 weeks already. We are missing you all so much. It has been great speaking to you over the last few weeks and hearing all the things that you have been up to. And we are loving the videos and pictures you have been sending in. 🙂
I have uploaded some new chapter readings of Charlie and the Chocolate factory so remember to check them out :)
If you're still unsure on where to find things on Purple Mash - here is a reminder:
Purple Mash: Tabs at the top.
Red '2do' will tell you the tasks that have been set for you.
Green 'sharing', click on shared blogs, orangutans...and I've started a blog. All children can add to this 🙂
Orange 'Work', then on left hand side clock on little arrow for sub-folders of groups, then click on orangutan. Look for the MP4 files labelled 'Ch6', 'Ch7', etc. (My videos of the story)
Black 'home', takes you to the main home page. You can explore the games etc but also lots of subject and topic based stuff too.
Hope you are all keeping safe and not letting the rain get you down.
Mrs Williams 🙂

Orangutan News 20.3.20

This week has been choco-tastic in Orangutans!
They have loved inventing, designing and making their own chocolates and packaging. We have had 'spoonful of m'mallow', 'pop sticks', 'fluffy surprise', ...just to name a few. Children have chosen their chocolate (milk or white), chosen their additional ingredient (popping candy, caramel, marshmallows or plain) and then their mould shape (pacman, lego figures, hearts...and much more). The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!
Thank you to the parents for letting us borrow your moulds and thank you to the children of Orangutan class for a choc-tastic week!
I am looking forward to hearing about your home-learning so please stay in touch.
Stay safe xx
Mrs Williams
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