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Earith Primary School

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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

This is money from Central Government paid to school based on the number of children in the school who are either currently eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or have been eligible for FSM in the last 6 years. In addition children whose parents work in the Forces and children who are ‘Looked After Children’ are eligible. Currently the additional funding is worth £1300 per pupil for the year.

How is Pupil Premium money spent and how is this monitored?

The money is allocated by the school to initiatives that are designed to support eligible pupils to reach their full potential both academically and socially. Barriers to achievement take a variety of forms and as a school we will plan support in a variety of ways to support individuals appropriately. The school decides how to use the funding and are held accountable for how it has been used.

How do I know if my child is entitled to Pupil Premium Funding?

We would like to encourage as many parents a possible to apply for FSM if you think you would be eligible. Children in reception and years 1 and 2 automatically get a lunch free, however in order to get the Pupil Premium funding school needs you to register for Free School Meals. It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t have the lunch! Remember in addition to the school being able to use the additional funding to help your child’s achievement you will also be eligible for a school sweatshirt.


Pupil Premium Spending 2017-18   Funding - £18480




Time Span of Interventions

Impact measure

Actual  Impact

Homework Club


Ongoing throughout the  year

Support children  who do not get support at home or where home is unable to provide appropriate support

Supporting progress and achievement of all

Forest schools – support self esteem – to impact academic achievement

Resources to carry out TA time



 ongoing throughout the year – different children

Raised self esteem, confidence,

Self esteem raised. Positive impact on concentration and  motivation.

I can  do attitude fostered

Milk, uniform, trips


Milk  for all PP children

1 free sweatshirt a year

Support  with trips

Sense of belonging to school raises self esteem and consequently impacts progress opportunities to be away from  home

Supports good  behaviour choices.

Supports access to curriculum through first hand experience

ERT (Enhnaced Rehearsal Techniques)

x 4 children



x 8 weeks initially

x2 daily per child

improved reading and spelling

Reading progressed by  3 points in  2  terms

Additional Phonics



improved reading and spelling

More children on track to pass phonic screening in Year 1

Targeted reading time 1:1



on going

improved reading

Progress in reading levels – average 3.2 points progress over 2 terms

Pre tutoring for maths

Wave 3




enable children  to access taught maths – familiar with vocab etc – improves standards

Average progress 3.4 point  in  2 terms

Precsion  teaching


X2 daily

reading and spelling improves

Spelling improving  - evident in  books

Number of new words over 2 terms averages 42

Spelling interventions



Improved spelling

Spelling improvement s seen – clear progress measure will be given at end of summer with re testing



X6 children

impact on  behaviour, self esteem, attachment issues

Imporved behaviour evident,  less outbursts. Academic progress evident as a result averaging 6 points in all subjects (what we would expect over a year not 2 terms). 2 other children started at Christmas  and progress has improved since then

Resilience group


Weekly 12 weeks

develops children’s resilience across many areas -  supports progress

Has enabled some children  to persevere  and have more of a can do attitude which is impacting psotively on  progress

Sensory circuits


  x2 per week

Supports concentration and preparation for work

Enables children to have a better start to the day – more able to apply themselves to the day to  follow

Speech and language support 


X 2 children

Improves  speech and language which in turn impacts learning

Progress seen for these children – one now signed off from S and L and the other ‘s speaking is clearer by the needs daily support

Fine motor skills work Y1


X2 per week

 12 weeks

Improved handwriting

Formation of letter improving

Parent liaison with GRT family



Supporting improved attendance, relationships with home

Conversations are  well  received even when  tricky – attendance however has not been positively impacted.

Work will continue.

Computing club

Lunchtimes –including maths and reading, film  club


X4 per week

26 weeks



Self confidence


Supports behaviour at lunchtime.  Provides our GRT children with time to access the internet which they cannot do at home.  This supports homework etc

Targeted  support


Daily support

Enable child to access curriculum

Children  progressing in his learning, speech and language.  




 Pupil Premium Spend 2015-2016  

Pupil Premium Spend 2014-2015