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Oak Class - Years 5,6



 Oak class teacher is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Bainbridge


In Oak class, children have been writing their own, epic tales based on the Maya creation story; making discoveries about the life-cycles of birds; confusing ratio questions in maths and staying 'Happy' with Pharrell Williams in music.

Red Nose Day - we have been taking part in the Dance-athon, practicing for performing the Macarena in assembly.

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A bit of wacky hair from Benji

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Oak this week have started their new Maya topic: making lap books about Ancient Maya art and leaflets about their cities, culture and life-styles. In Science, they’ve invented and categorized their own animals. Maths was super exciting – the children have been solving algebra 'brain teasers' and on World Book Day, they made bookmarks, persuasive posters and wrote alliteration poems based on the book ‘June 26 1999’.

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Oak class have been busy completing more assessments in preparation/practice for their forthcoming SATS in May and enjoying some STEM activities in the afternoons: balloon-powered cars, cotton reeled tanks, spaghetti structures and chairs, which if you are reading this, I do hope managed to hold my weight without me making too much of a fool out of myself (see latest news page). There have been some fantastically-fashioned Greek pots and some of the Parthenons you have built with your children have been truly creative – thank you parents.

oakHappy Half Term from Oak Class

Oak class have been drumming away and their progress in sessions is evident. In maths, learning has focused around coordinates and translating & reflecting shapes. In literacy, they have read Aesop’s Fables and are currently writing their own. Greek pots have literally started taking shape and there’s been plenty of thrills (but thankfully no spills) in the gymnastics arena once again.

DSCN9028 DSCN9029


Oak have started the design process for their Greek pots; enjoyed learning the story of Theseus & The Minotaur linked in with their own descriptive writing and have written their own travel agent’s persuasive brochure pages, enticing us to visit Crete. There’s been fun with fractions, too!

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