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Earith Primary School

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 Upcoming Events 

20 Jul 2018
Healthy Week
20 Jul 2018
14:50 - 15:15
Headteacher Awards
24 Jul 2018
Summer Term Closes
24 Jul 2018
10:00 -
Leavers Assembly
04 Sep 2018
Training Day - School closed to pupils

So nice to see all you mums here and joining in with Red Nose Day. Thank you for all the donations and the lovely cakes. Total raised so far £144.55 with more to come.

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Well everything went singingly. We all sang the song Let Love Shine Through. Each class then performed their own favourite class song.

Just a little clip




Planets did it! and well done to all children and parents for your support. Children can now look forward to the Mad Hatters Tea Party - watch this space.


Sing Up Day

The school will be coming together to sing the Sing Up Day song for 2017 called Let Love Shine Through.  Each class will also be sharing a song that they love to sing.


Please join us at 10.20 am

practice the words

See press release below

Download this file (Sing_Up_Day_Song_Press_Release_Nov.pdf)Sing up day



WORLD BOOK DAY. The children have dressed up in some brilliant costumes today. The Headteacher and Staff were also transformed into Cruella and her Dalmations. Thank you to everyone for joining in and making it such an enjoyable day.


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Rotary Club Quiz for Year 6

Jack, Sophia, Arkan, Tabehre, Charley and Melodie represented the school against 8 other schools. They did really well - coming fourth. The winners were Pendragon School who had 26 children in their team!! Well done the six of you - we are really proud of you.

Quiz1 Copy quiz2
quiz3 quiz4
quiz5 quiz6