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Just a preview of part of Planets assembly - the drumming was fantastic, they have learned the techniques so quickly. Thankyou to Mrs Bainbridge and Mrs Watson for showing them how.


Members of team Earith attended the Cambridgeshire Young People’s Film Festival yesterday evening. Sid, William, Georgina, Danny and Metjus from Stars class and Arkan, Josie and Melodie from Planets represented the school with their films ‘Singing Sid’ and ‘The Dreamer’. We all had a great time watching the films entered by other schools and meeting the lady who does the voice of Peppa Pig. The Year 6 film was in the top 6 films out of 43 entries and received a Special Commendation. Thanks to parents who attended and brought their children.

All ready to go - the children made such an effort and looked wonderful!

Film1 Film2

We have arrived - everyone was so excited.

The children did us proud and it was commented on how very well behaved they all were.

Film4 Film3

We will have more professional photos being sent to us from the ICT service if anyone would like a copy.

So nice to see you all in school today for lunch. We hope you enjoyed your special present 

DSCN6746 DSCN6748
DSCN6747 DSCN6753

First time this Dad has had a school lunch (they don't do them in Ireland)



This has been very short notice for the school and you  -  but please ensure your invitation request form is with the school office by 9am on Monday19th June as we have to inform the organisers how many seats we require.

The whole school enjoyed the visit from the Happy Puzzle Company completing different challenges. We are grateful to FOES for funding this and also for your continued support by baking for the bake sale and buying the cakes – this is what has made this possible.


Congratulations to Benji in Yr 3 for reading 5 times a week, every week since the beginning of the challenge. He was presented in assembly with the Utterley Amazing Science book and an Explosive Experiment Kit.

Well done Benji!!




Our films are uploaded and live – please take a look and place your ratings for our classes.

All had to be in year groups and not classes, but all pupils in the class were involved.

Year 1 - SINGING SID - http://clips.e2bn.org/competitions/cambridge/view.php?id=2400&cid=513

Year 4 - FOOTBALL FRENZY -http://clips.e2bn.org/competitions/cambridge/view.php?id=2370&cid=516

Year 6 – THE DREAMER - http://clips.e2bn.org/competitions/cambridge/view.php?id=2369&cid=518

Message from the organisers:

A word of advice for those wanting to rate films on the clips site: the star ratings can be a bit temperamental on some browsers – come in from the right if you want to avoid giving 1 star instead of 5!  The site looks to IP address to limit user votes (as much as you’d love to hold your finger on 5 Stars for multiple votes!)

What a wonderful time everyone had - History Off The Page did a fantastic job!! it was enjoyed by all.

Photos are on our facebook page and class pages

Short video of THE ATTACK

Comets Class also wrote some lovely letters to Phil from History Off The Page to thank him for the day, sample below.


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