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Our latest news

Wow!! what a fantastic day. Thank you to everyone that attended, what a huge turnout. We have been busy making our Easter hats and tee shirts to show in assembly, Parents joined the children for Easter lunch, best cake competition, best decorated egg competition, best hat competition, cakes and refreshment, rafle plus the main event - the Easter Egg Hunt. A massive thank you to FOES for organising and making it all possible.

We enjoyed several book-related activities in our classes as well as assemblies throughout the day, featuring extracts from staff’s favorite children’s books; extreme reading throughout the world; speed reading challenges; big word challenges; the whole-school chilling out in the Hall with a good book; inspirational reading quotes and a bring and share from the children. We do hope your children enjoyed the day. There were lots of powerful messages given about the importance of, and love for reading, not to mention how much easier life is when you can do it well!

The puppies returned today for the final visit - how they have grown!!! They are soon to be united with their new families. The children loved seeing them again (not only the children!!) they are delightful. A huge thank you to Mrs Garside for bringing them into school for us all to enjoy.


Sharing nicely and working cooperatively in a team or group: this has been our Meerkat Manner this week at Earith Primary School. It felt especially pertinent given it has been our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week in school, where we have tested children’s ability – not just in the aforementioned subjects – but equally as importantly, their ability to reason, problem solve and work effectively together; a lifelong skill.

Congratulations to Rhys and Trinity whoose paper areoplanes travelled the furthest in the final round of the competition.

Oak class have been making chairs for Mr Abbs to test out in assembly. Most held his weight but one nearly had him taking a tumble.

We also presented our lovely School Secretary Debbie with flowers as she has worked at the school for 20years this year.

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We spent the day focusing on Safer Internet and the importance of asking permission and receiving the correct explanation. We had a quiz and all classes showed what they had been doing in assembly.

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Maple Class visited Fitzwilliam Museum and had a fantastic time. This will feed into their Ancient Egyptian topic work. Thank you to parent helpers on the day.

A special thank you to Mrs Garside for bringing in her puppies this week: this was a fantastic, first-hand experience for Maple to observe inherited characteristics as part of their learning in science as well as a jolly good opportunity for the other classes to have a quick pet – who could refuse?

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