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19 Oct 2018
14:50 - 15:15
Headteacher Awards
22 Oct 2018
Half term
23 Oct 2018
Half term
24 Oct 2018
Half term
25 Oct 2018
Half term

What a lovely day, the sun was shinning, happy smiley children and Earith’s got talent showed us some confident little artists. A huge!!! thanks goes to FOES for all their hard work and dedication to make this event happen and raise funds for the school.

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A little clip from Earith's Got Talent

On Thursday we had French Day as part of our Modern Foreign Languages. The children looked wonderful dressed in red, white and blue: the colours of the French flag. The children looked at a variety of things over the day including learning all about France, French landmarks and French artists. They had extra French lessons and sang French songs. They tasted a variety of French pastries, and later a mixture of French cheeses with baguette.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the staff.

Thank you to Jo in the kitchen for putting together a French menu for the day. We also had a joke menu for the children in registration - their faces were a picture!

IMG 1578 600 IMG 1581 600
IMG 2242 600 IMG 2249 600
Squirrels 600 DSCN8254 600
DSCN8256 French menu


It was lovely to see so many Dad’s in school for lunch today – we hope you enjoyed Jo’s cooking! Happy Father’s Day for Sunday

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Squirrels and Hedgehogs had a wonderful day today and really dressed up for the occasion. One of the highlights was the spam sandwiches for lunch, a first for many.  The children behaved brilliantly and were a credit to the school. Thank you to our volunteers for helping  today.

IMG 1992 600

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That’s KS2 SATs over and done with for another year! Well done to all the Year 6 children for working so hard and giving each test their best across the week. We are all very proud of you all.


The children enjoyed celebrating the upcoming Royal wedding today. They had a cake and a drink in their classes this afternoon and joined in with activities such as singing the national anthem and making flags!

DSCN8144 600 DSCN8147 600

DSCN8149 600

Owls class had a fantastic day finding out about the Great Fire of London as part of their Curriculum theme for this half term and what fantastic costumes! As part of the day children were involved in practical activities, drama, story telling and investigated about a specific job and family living in London in 1666. Thank you to HISTORY OFF THE PAGE and parent volunteers for helping on the day.

See more on Owls Class Page

Greatfire1 600

In the Spring term, Earith Primary School took part in a poetry competition run by the Rotary club. All children from year 2 to year 6 were asked to write a poem to celebrate the up coming wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. We are happy to announce that Thomas and Lola were winners for our local area and now will be judged nationally with other poems around the country. The top 50 poems will be presented to Harry and Meghan as a wedding gift! Thomas and Lola were presented with certificates in assembly on Friday and each given a cash prize. Three other individuals were also were presented with certificates and commended on their efforts: Mylo, Charisma and Georgina.


EASTER AFTERNOON AND EGG HUNT – a huge thank you to FOES for organising a wonderful afternoon. Children had lots of fun on the egg hunt, they made hats and decorated eggs for homework. Each class had a winner and were presented with a prize in assembly. Thanks to Mums and Dads for joining in – looks like it wasn’t just the children that had fun.

We wish you a very Happy Easter and see the children back to School on TUESDAY 17TH APRIL. 

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