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Earith Primary School

Helping children improve in everything they do

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 Upcoming Events 

Thanks to our lovely cook Jo for a wonderful Christmas Dinner today, we all enjoyed it very much.

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We had a busy day today and what fun we had. We made our gifts to take home (thank you to FOES for organising this), we made party hats and had our party this afternoon and also wore Christmas jumpers for a donation to Save the Children.

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What a brilliant performance from all the children, they have really worked hard. Thanks to all the staff, Mrs Nicholls for organising and parents for the costumes. It was fantastic!!

Please see below a video of the final dance - check out the class pages for more photos and videos

   Owls  Squirrels  Hedgehogs

Wow!! What a fantastic turn out, it was lovely to see so many of you here to support us. Huge thanks go to FOES for organising and working so hard to make this event such a success, to Hayley for the wonderful Santa’s Cottage and of course to Santa himself.

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We have all had fun today making  things we are going to sell on our stalls at the Christmas Bazaar. Hedgehogs have been cooking, Squirrels have been filling jam jars and owls have been creative with candy.

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Final amount raised for Children in Need - £95.00

Final amount raised by FOES quiz night - £233.55 (amazing)!!

Thank you to everyone who donated - it is very much appreciated

Thank you to FOES for organising the Quiz Night and to Mr Whitlam for being a brilliant Quiz Master again - it was a really lovely atmosphere and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all the teams that entered - money raised will be announced when counted.

New Picture 1

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The surprise winning team

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What a busy Friday!!
Whacky Hair for children in need, parents lunch and Anti bullying assembly. Thank you so much to all who donated, attended and helped to make this a really enjoyable day for everyone. All monies raised will be published when finalised.

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