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 Upcoming Events 

18 Dec 2018
12:00 -
Christmas Lunch
19 Dec 2018
14:30 -
Carols around the tree
19 Dec 2018
15:15 -
Autumn Term Closes
03 Jan 2019
Training Day - School closed to pupils
04 Jan 2019
Training Day - School closed to pupils

As part of World Book Day - how lovely for our older children to visit our little Owls for a reading session 

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Having lots of fun on WBD dressed as all sorts of different characters, some fantastic costumes - even the Staff joined in.

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DSCN7858 600 DSCN7862 600

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ST IVES YEAR 6 ROTARY CLUB QUIZ: Charisma, Sam, Isaac and Felix came back to school on Thursday evening and took part in the Rotary Club Year 6 Schools Quiz. Not only did they work brilliantly as a team and answered some tricky questions but they also managed to WIN!!! the whole quiz competing against nine other much larger schools. We are really proud of them!!!!!
Representatives from the Rotary Club are coming to present the trophy next week in Celebration Assembly.


Hedgehogs have had a lovely day and have been very creative with clay. Some fantastic costumes, we even had a pyramid. Well done all!!

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DSCN7840 600 DSCN7841 600 DSCN7844 600
DSCN7845 600 DSCN7846 600 DSCN7843 600


It was so lovely to see our parents joining their children for our Spring Parent lunch. The children get so excited to have mum, dad or carer eating with them. Our next one will be Mother's day Lunch on Friday 9th March. Invite will be sent out nearer the date.

Springlunch1 Springlunch2
Springlunch3 Springlunch4


volunteers needed

There are so many ways that parents support us at Earith and we are very grateful for the time that you are able to give to us as volunteers, governors and Friends of Earith School.

To those of you who are hiding your talents under a bush, we know that you are out there! At Earith Primary School we are always looking for opportunities to support and encourage the children’s learning with real life context and to strengthen the links with the community.

Do you have a skill, area of expertise or experiences that would benefit the pupils’ learning? Are you a fireman/lady, a baker, doctor, scientist, plumber, of a particular religion/faith, speak a different language or have another area of knowledge and expertise? Are you able to teach a new skill within a lesson or in an afterschool club?

So, please don’t be shy! Let us know how we can work together.

If you (or someone you know) are interested and can spare some time, please complete the slip below and return to the school office for my attention. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Mrs Claire Williams