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23 Mar 2018
14:50 - 15:15
Heads Awards
23 Mar 2018
18:00 -
Chocolate Bingo
26 Mar 2018
12:00 -
Mother's Day Parent Lunch
26 Mar 2018
15:30 -
Owls and Hedgehogs Parents Evening
28 Mar 2018
15:30 - 19:30
Squirrels and Hedgehogs Parents Evening



We believe that cooking is a core life skill and our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to cook and enjoy good food.

Cooking club is run by Mrs Rudwick, Mrs Watson and Mrs Wardell for KS2 pupils.

If your child would like to join in the sessions please contact the School office.

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This week at cooking club we made a delicious spinach, mushroom and onion lasagne, accompanied by some cheesy, garlicy bread.  We also made a delicious mess with the apple and berry mess – sweet and crunchy.


lasagne1.2.16 Garlicbread1.2.16 mess1.2.16

This week we tackled Noodle and Sweetcorn Soup and Mango Chicken Pittas.  Both delicious and very easy to cook.  We had plenty of time on our hands so had a go and making chocolate chip cookies with the addition of some marshmallows, which had been kindly donated to the school by Mrs Wilson (Sophie’s Mum).  Unfortunately we had a bit of an eruption in the oven and they fell to bits – tasted brill though!  It is good for the children to see that sometimes cooking does not always go to plan.


Noodlesoup25.1.16 Chickenpitta25.1.16 cookies25.1.16

First week back at the Cooking Club.  We made Lamb and Lentil Moussaka, mini pancakes topped with mascarpone and strawberries and kiwi and shortbread.  It was all really delicious.  If you are interested in any of the recipes you can buy a copy for 50p from the school office.   All proceeds go directly to the Cooking Club.


Mousaka18.1.16 Pancakes18.1.16 Shortbread18.1.16


Our last week with this particular group of cooks!  We made onion soup with cheesy bread and chicken and butternut sage risotto, which tasted excellent despite Mrs Rudwick picking up the wrong type of rice. If you have never been to Cooking Club before just let Mrs Rudwick, Mrs Watson or Mrs Wardell know you are interested in coming along.  Look out for us at the Christmas Bazaar – we will have a couple of fun games for you to play.

Group30.11.15 Risottoandonionsoup

This week in cooking we made tasty toad in the hole and tempting Tiramisu.  It was all extremely yummy.


Toadinthehole Tiramasu

We made broad bean pasta and bread and butter pudding. Lots of new challenges for the children.


broadbeanandbacon16.11.15 breadandbutter16.11.15

A new group of keen cooks started this week.  We made spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread and some delicious mango and banana muffins.


Bolognaise Muffins

Monday 12th October 2015

This week was the final week for this group at Cooking Club.  We made pizzas from the bases to the toppings; garlic bread and chocolate brownies.  There was a lot of washing up!  We hope to see you all again at Cooking Club in 2016.

Group12.10.15 Pizza
Garlicbrtead Brownies


Monday 5th October 2015

Another busy week - we made cod fishcakes, lemon sweet potato wedges and sesame and lemon beans.  Chopping the potatoes was fun! and washing up is all part of the process.  Very tasty!


Fishcakes Washingup


Monday 28th September 2015

This week at cooking club we made parsnip and apple soup with parsnip crisps, soda bread and blackberry and apple crumble. We were able to use local, seasonal fruits. There was a lot of chopping to do this week but we saw some excellent knife skills. Here you can see the delicious results of our hard work.


ParsnipandapplewithSodabread Blackberryandapple

Monday 21st September 2015

The after school cooking club started again this week.  We cooked some very tasty chicken biryani and delicious apple turnovers.  Mrs Watson and Mrs Rudwick would like to wish Mrs Wardell a warm welcome to the cooking club as a regular helper.


Biryani apple

Saturday 12th September 2015

Mrs Watson, Mrs Rudwick and Mrs Cryer were at Haddenham Steam Fair this weekend raising funds for the after school cooking club.  We sold bread and leek and potato soup in a bag.  We raised £59.60.


HaddenhamSteamFair1Monday 27th April 2015

Last night we cooked cheesy Colcannon (a traditional Irish recipe made using potato and cabbage) and some delicious ratatouille. The staff always enjoy Mondays’ cooking club as they have a little taster as well.

DSCN3744 DSCN3745

Monday 20th April 2015 

Cooking Club restarted this week for the summer term. We cooked a very tasty pumpkin soup with croutons and a huge pile of kedgeree, which could possibly feed the entire school!

DSCN3737 DSCN3739


 Monday 2nd February 2015

We made zesty salmon pilaf, apple and berry mess and citrus iced tea this week at cooking club.  It was very delicious, although we needed a slightly hotter day to appreciated the iced tea.

dscn36791 dscn36821
dscn36801 dscn36811

 Monday 26th January 2015

This week at Cooking Club we made: Mighty Mushroom Soup, Milk, Oat and Soda Bread and Apple and Cinnamon Pudding.

dscn36711 dscn36721

 Christmas Bazaar 2014

We ran a very successful stall at the Christmas Bazaar last Friday and raised £34.70 for the cooking club. We sold gingerbread, shortbread and muffins and had a ‘guess the number of either gingerbread men, German cookies or marshmallows’ in a jar game. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

mrs cryer and mrs watson1 cooking club stall1 mrs rudwick and mrs watson1