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16 Nov 2018
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30 Nov 2018
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We believe that cooking is a core life skill and our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to cook and enjoy good food.

Cooking club is run by Mrs Rudwick, Mrs Watson and Mrs Wardell for KS2 pupils.

If your child would like to join in the sessions please contact the School office.

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Cooking Club started up again this week with one of our favourites – paella.  This is a very simple recipe and really delicious.  We recommend you try it at home – no fish, just chicken and chorizo.  We also made a warming roasted squash soup.

Don’t forget to come along to our ‘Chuck a sprout’ staff at the Christmas Bazaar on 30 November – back by popular demand!


Tayla121118 Soup121118 Piela121118


We cooked up a feast for our final session for this half term at cooking club.  We cooked bangers with onion gravy with bubble and squeak with a Yorkshire pudding.  We also made some delicious apricot and chocolate crunchy biscuits. We had some cabbage heads aswell! and they love the washing up - hope they love it just as much at home.  Happy holls, see you next term!!!


BabdS2151018 Sausage151018
YPudds151018 chocbis151018
heads151018 washup151018

 Bangers with Onion gravey and bubble and squeak

Yorkshrie Puddings

Apricot and chocolate crunchy biscuits

This week at Cooking Club we made a variety of dishes.  We started off with homemade hummus which we served with pitta bread.  This was followed by leek and bacon pasta bake and finished with a delicious chocolate brownie.  All very yummy. Try out the recepies below.


Tommy81018 washingup81018
guat81018 baconleek81018 brownies81018


Leek and Bacon Pasta Bake

Chocholate Brownies

This was our last Cooking Club for the term and the year.  We made mozzarella and red pepper tarts, accompanied by potato wedges and coleslaw.  We even managed to bake some very tasty raspberry muffins.  A true feast to end on.

If you would like your child to come along to Cooking Club next year look out for the letter at the beginning of next term.  We only have 6 children at a time but have a waiting list and everyone gets a go during the school year.  We will be inviting the younger ones along again as well as it was very successful.

Have a good summer and happy cooking!


             DSCN8359 DSCN8360



We were few in number today at Cooking Club but they did an excellent job of cooking Brazilian Picadillo, rice and delicious cheesy garlic bread (using up cheese from our French day).  It was all very simple.  Have a go at home and let us know how you got on.


Filling2718 Picadillo2718 Garlicbread2.7.18


This week we made Easy Pasta with a butternut squash filling, tomato sauce and strawberry soufflé.  The pasta was hard work, as we have to roll it out and fold it 20 times!  It was a bit of a workout, especially in the heat.  We ran out of time to actually cook the pasta but hope they tasted fine once the children had cooked them at home.  The souffles were very successful and very tasty.


sauce25618 pasta25816 soufla25.6.18