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19 Jan 2018
13:50 - 14:50
Early Intervention Worker - Drop Ins
19 Jan 2018
14:50 - 15:15
Celebration Assembly - General
23 Jan 2018
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FOES meeting
25 Jan 2018
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Parent Lunch - Spring
26 Jan 2018
14:50 - 15:15
Celebration Assembly - General



We believe that cooking is a core life skill and our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to cook and enjoy good food.

Cooking club is run by Mrs Rudwick, Mrs Watson and Mrs Wardell for KS2 pupils.

If your child would like to join in the sessions please contact the School office.

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Cooking Club met for the first time this school year.  We made a delicious curry – chicken Rogan Josh, easy Pilau rice and naan bread.  Some of the children had not been to the club before but they all managed very well with the preparation and washing up.  Keep an eye out for what is cooking over the next few weeks.


Roganjosh nan roganwithrice

This was the very last session of Cooking Club for this group of Year 6 pupils.  We made it extra special by inviting the parents, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lawrence to a meal prepared by the children.  They cooked mozzarella and red pepper tarts accompanied by roasted lemon and herb potato wedges and coleslaw and finished with zesty raspberry and lemon muffins.  The parents and children all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Look out for an invitation to join cooking club in the autumn.  We have lots of fun.

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parent110717 parent210717
group10717 us10717

See you in September

We thought we would see how well the children managed on their own and they were very successful with very little intervention from the adults.  They cooked a really tasty Brazilian Picadillo with rice accompanied by the most delicious cheesy garlic bread.


picadilo gbreaed26.6.17

I think it would be fair to say that we excelled all our expectations this week.  We made ravioli filled with sausage meat, but made the pasta from scratch.  It was hard work rolling it out in the intense heat.  This was accompanied by our homemade tomato sauce.  For pudding we made a really lovely strawberry soufflé – and yes it did rise to the occasion.  We were quite amazed.


ravioli19.6.17 soufle19.6.17

Our new group of Year 6 pupils started today.  This will be their last cooking club at Earith Primary.  We cooked Chicken Nachos (making the nachos ourselves) accompanied by Guacamole and Mexican tomato salsa.  We even managed to get all the different elements cooked with our club time and it tasted delicious.


nanchos nanchosplus fool

Our final week for this group.  We made crunchy chicken dippers with chive dip, accompanied by potato and sweetcorn fritters and coleslaw.  There was an awful lot of washing up but the food tasted great.


Chickbites22.5.17 Fritters22.5.17 coleslaw22.5.17

This week we made pizzas from scratch with a scone base, our own tomato sauce and a variety of different toppings – they all looked great.  We made a simple fruit salad with some summer fruits.


Cutting115.5.17 Cutting215.5.17
Piza15.5.17 Summerfruit15.5.17

This week our cooking club group cooked a delicious leek and bacon pasta bake, followed by Earith Orchard Apple Crumble and Cracking Custard.  We are entering the McDougall’s cooking completion with a couple of our recipes.  Master Chef here we come!


pasta8.5.17 Apple8.5.17 Appledone8.5.17