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We believe that cooking is a core life skill and our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to cook and enjoy good food.

Cooking club is run by Mrs Rudwick, Mrs Watson and Mrs Wardell for KS2 pupils.

If your child would like to join in the sessions please contact the School office.

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 It was takeaway this week – Vegetable Chow Mein, Szechuan Pork and egg fried rice.  There was a lot of chopping and preparation involved but the end result was not only very colourful but tasted lovely.  Next week we are preparing our special meal for the Mums.


chowmeain27.6.16 Szpork27.6.16 Allthree27.6.16

This week at Cooking Club we made Cottage Pie with a parsnip mash topping, accompanied by spicy potatoes and spinach.  For pudding we made a pineapple upside down pudding.  We are planning a special meal for our Cooking Club parents, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lawrence for the last session this term.  Keep an eye out for the photographs.


Spinichpots20.6.16 Shepherdspie20.6.16 Pinappleup20.6.16

Our first week back to cooking club, but sadly the last sessions for our Year 6s this year.  This week we made a delicious sweet and sour pork, egg fried rice and finished with a lovely summery tutti-fruity crumble.  Watch out for the end of these sessions, as we are planning a special event.


SS13.6.16 megan13.6.16 crumble13.6.16

This was our final session with this group.  We made Jerk chicken, spicy traffic light rice and apricot and crunchy biscuits.  Quite a lot to do in our short session, but we managed.  If you want any of the recipes please ask at the school office.  We just ask for a small donation towards the cooking club.


Jerkchicken23.5.16 Apricotbiscuits23.5.16 Washingup23.516

We were very busy this week making bangers with onion gravy and bubble and squeak.  Mrs Glover kindly joined us in Mrs Watson’s absence and did a very successful and ‘off-the-cuff’ apple tart.  All was delicious.


Sausage16.5.16 Girls16.5.16 Apples16.5.16

Our first session back to cooking after the Easter holidays and we cooked a very tasty cottage pie accompanied by appley cabbage with poached pears for pudding.  We just finished on time!

Cutting25.4.16 Shephardspie25.4.16 Pears25.4.16

This was our last session this term and we ended on a spicy note.  We cooked speedy chicken biryani, aloo gobi and lamb samosas.  Parents and governors attending the parent consultations were drawn to the kitchen by the smells to see what was cooking.  We also had a very special visitor, Mr Kelvin Young, Chair of the Haddenham Steam Rally.  The Steam Rally Committee gave the club £100 towards our funds.  This helps us continue to offer the club free of charge to the children.


Biryani210316 Gobi210316 Samosas210316

We made the classic Chinese dish, Szechuan Pork, this week.  It was simple to make but delicious to eat.  For our pudding the children made mini pancakes with mascarpone cheese and raspberries.  To finish off we made one of our favourites – shortbread. 


Szpork14.3.16 Pancakes14.3.16