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23 Mar 2018
14:50 - 15:15
Heads Awards
23 Mar 2018
18:00 -
Chocolate Bingo
26 Mar 2018
12:00 -
Mother's Day Parent Lunch
26 Mar 2018
15:30 -
Owls and Hedgehogs Parents Evening
28 Mar 2018
15:30 - 19:30
Squirrels and Hedgehogs Parents Evening



We believe that cooking is a core life skill and our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to cook and enjoy good food.

Cooking club is run by Mrs Rudwick, Mrs Watson and Mrs Wardell for KS2 pupils.

If your child would like to join in the sessions please contact the School office.

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Today we made a very tasty broad bean and bacon pasta dish accompanied by our favourite cheesy garlic bread.  We also made a tutti-fruity crumble which was filled with banana, raspberries and apples.  Don’t forget to have a look at the recipes and have a go yourself.   Send us some pictures if you do. 


crumble12.3.18 GBread12.3.18 pasta12.3.18


This was the last session for this group.  We made mini pizzas and the best garlic bread in the world (you must try the recipe – you will never want another garlic bread again!) and finished off with pancakes.  If your child is in Key Stage 2 and they would like to come along to cooking club just let the school office know and they can join in next half term.


Cutt1 cutt2
cutt3 cutt4
piza5.2.18 garlicbread pancake5.2.18



We had a busy start to the cooking club this week. We started by making the breaded fish, accompanied by roasted lemon and herb potato wedges and mushy peas. We finished with banana fritters which were delicious once we had dipped them in sugar! Watch out for another takeaway menu next week.

If you would like to try the recipes they are attached below.


fish15.1.18 peas15.1.18
wedges15.1.18 fritters15.1.18
Download this file (DOC.pdf)Recipes attached

This was our final cooking session this term with this group.  We had a very busy session making our own pizzas from scratch, accompanied by the best and cheesiest garlic bread.  We finished off with blueberry muffins which turned out as light as a feather and very tasty.  Don’t forget to visit the Cooking Club’s infamous sprout game at the school bazaar on 8 December. 


pizza28.11.17 garlicbread blueberrrymuffins


This week at Cooking Club we made sausage rolls and cheese and onion quiche.  We did make our own pastry but slightly cheated with a pre-mixed fat and flour combo.  Both dishes were a success with some children tucking into the cheese and onion quiche having declared their dislike of onions!  Dishes always taste better when you have cooked them yourself.  Don’t forget to visit the increasingly popular seasonal ‘Sprout’ game hosted by the Cooking Club team at the Christmas Bazaar.


sausagerolls20.11.17 quiche20.11.17
washingup20.11.17 tomfoolery

We also enjoy the washing up!! and also have a bit of Tomfoolery along the way