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Owls Class - Reception - Yr 1 




Owls class teacher is Mrs Nicholls 

Teaching Assistant are - Mrs Glover, Mrs Austen, Mrs Thurston and Mrs Buttress

PE Days are Tuesday and Thursday pm  - Reception and Year 1

Wednesday am - Reception

Woodlands visits are Wednesday afternoons

Owls Letters


Owls had a great day visiting the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.  We found plants for bees and a beehive, hairy palm trees, beautiful orchids, a giant redwood tree and a grassy maze aswell as many snowdrops.

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The children have had a great week this week looking at a range of books by Eric Carle.

The children have wathced clips or Eric Carle creating his art work and then used similar techniques to create artwork for the book corner.

They used painting and printing tehcniques to make patterned paper.  Once dry, they then cut the paper into pieces and used to create collages of the food the Very HUngry Caterpillar ate.

fruit1 fruit2




The children have begun finding out about seeds and plants.  In Science they have planted seeds in different conditions and made predictions about what will happen to them.

The children have been looking at the work of Eric Carle, in particualr The Tiny Seed.  They have watched a clip of him working and begun to make their own collage pictures.

DSCN7847 DSCN7848


The children have had a wonderful week this week.  We have based alot of our learning on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs.

The pigs needed the childrens help to build a strong house that the wolf could not blow down! it was lovely to see the children working together and discussing their ideas.  We had houses made of pipe cleaners, riboons, plastic bricks, sugar cubes, straws, lolly sticks and plasticine!  After the children had built their house they tested it and evaluated it.  We decdied that the plastic bricks made the strongest house.


We have continued with our work based on the Moon this week.

The children have been busy finding out facts about the moon.  They are going to use these pieces of information to write a fact file about the moon.

There was much exciteiment this week as the children finally got to make their moon buggies.  Lots of  resilience and resourcefulness was shown.  Well Done Owls.


moon1 moon2



The children have certainly been inspired this week with lots of work about the moon.

We have begun a new book called Sidney, Stella and the Moon.  Sidney and Stella manage to smash the moon into a million pieces! There is only one thing for it - they have o find a new moon.  The children in Owls have been thinking about what they would use to make a new moon and we certainly had some interesting ideas!

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The children have been finding out about Neil Armstrong and also designing their own lunar rovers.

space1 space3 space2

  Please send in any boxes, plastic bottle tops and foil next week for this project.  Thank you.

The children have enjoyed another week based on Send for a Superhero. 

The children have described their own superhero. They have planned and written their own stories, selecting their own baddie and superhero who saves the day.


In maths the children have been naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes.  They have used the 2D shapes to create their own alien from space! 

3dphoto1 3d2photo2

Some of us created our own space picture on the playground using chalks - we had aliens, rockets, a satellite and a space map to follow.

During the next couple of weeks the children will be designing and then making their own moon buggies.  Please save and send in any small boxes (individual cereal boxes are an ideal size) and plastic bottle tops for this project.  Thank you

Welcome back and a happy new year to you all !!

The children in Owl Class have had a fabulous week this week.  They have looked at the text Send for a Superhero by Micheal Rosen.  This has inspired alot of work.  The children have described the baddies, Filth and Vacuum.  They have thought about the characteristics of a superhero as well as the accessories a superhero might need.  They have been busy creating aliens out of playdough and making their own superhero costumes.

I wonder what next week will bring!

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