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Owls Class - Reception - Yr 1 




Owls class teacher is Mrs Nicholls 

Teaching Assistant are - Mrs Glover, Mrs Austen, Mrs Thurston and Mrs Buttress

PE Days are Tuesday and Thursday pm  - Reception and Year 1

Wednesday am - Reception

Woodlands visits are Wednesday afternoons

Owls Letters


Happy Holidays to all our families

See you back on Tuesday 6th June

New Picture

Stars have had a great day learning all about the Vikings.  During the morning they explored the Viking village, took part in battles and learnt about the Viking way of life. In the afternoon they became archealogists to discover what had happenend to the Viking village many many years later.

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vikings am 104

The children in Star Class are enjoying finding out about the Vikings.  They have retold the story of Hiccup the Viking who saved the day!  This week the children have been looking at the story Viking Adventure.

In maths the children have been busy using their knowledge to add and subtract.

The children have been finding out about longboats and have enjoyed starting to design their own dragon's head and tail and shield.

DSCN6627 DSCN6628


We had a lovely last day. We spent the morning making and decorating our Easter bonnets and spent the afternoon joining in on the egg hunt and parading our bonnets in assembly.

makingmats hats


Happy Easter everyone from Stars Class



Another fun day - after going out for Forest Schools we changed into our pyjamas and joined in with Red Nose Day.



Well it all went great after a lot of practice


We have been working on information texts in English and Reception pupils have been creating fact sheets about meerkats. In maths they have been doubling and halving and working out fractions of numbers.

Stars Class have been enjoying computing and the reception children have been using the Beebots. The children in Year 1 were using the I Pads and writing algorithms to make a Beebot follow a given path. They were also able to debug their algorithms when they weren’t correct.


Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed for use by young children. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

 BeeBot blinking

Click on me to see what Bee-Bot is all about

In Stars they have concentrated on the story of The Three Little Pigs and come up with their own versions.


World Book Day 2nd March2017

What brilliant costumes, the children enjoyed doing a little parade in assembly.


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