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Willow Class - Reception - Year1




Willow class teachers are Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Hobley

Teaching Assistant are - Mrs Glover, Mrs Austen, Mrs Watson


The children in Owls have been busy finding out about the events of September 1666.  They have found out where the Great FIre started and also why it spread so quickly.  They have also discovered how the fire was halted and what happened after the fire.

In maths Owls have been identifying equal and equal groups.  They have been counting the groups of objects in each group and comparing the amounts to work out whether the groups are equal or unequal.  The children have been using repeated addition and arrays to work out how many.  They have begun work on estimating - maing good guesses - and then counting how many.


What a lovely start to the summer term!  Owls have had a wonderful week in the sunshine.

We have begun our topic on The Great Fire of London by comparing present day London to london in 1666.  We will look more closely at the events of 1666 and how The Great Fire started next week.

GFL Jennifer

In science we have been exploring and describing different materials.

On Wednesday we had a wonderful time in the woodlands.  The children showed lots of creativity, making magic wands, kites and crowns.

This week the children have been finishing their work based on I Want My Hat Back.  They have been working on their own stories I Want My Friend Back.  They have been asking questions, acting out searching for their friend and finally writing their own stories.


In maths the children have continued measuring and have been using the balance scales to compare the weight of different objects.

This week the children have been busy measuring length and height.

They have made a chart to show how tall everyone in Owls is.

We watched a clip of a blue whale and then measured out the length in the playground.  The whale we drew was 30m long, we found out that its heart is 4m long, the same length as a car.

Owls had a great day visiting the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.  We found plants for bees and a beehive, hairy palm trees, beautiful orchids, a giant redwood tree and a grassy maze aswell as many snowdrops.

The children have had a great week this week looking at a range of books by Eric Carle.

The children have wathced clips or Eric Carle creating his art work and then used similar techniques to create artwork for the book corner.

They used painting and printing tehcniques to make patterned paper.  Once dry, they then cut the paper into pieces and used to create collages of the food the Very HUngry Caterpillar ate.

fruit1 fruit2




The children have begun finding out about seeds and plants.  In Science they have planted seeds in different conditions and made predictions about what will happen to them.

The children have been looking at the work of Eric Carle, in particualr The Tiny Seed.  They have watched a clip of him working and begun to make their own collage pictures.

DSCN7847 DSCN7848


The children have had a wonderful week this week.  We have based alot of our learning on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs.

The pigs needed the childrens help to build a strong house that the wolf could not blow down! it was lovely to see the children working together and discussing their ideas.  We had houses made of pipe cleaners, riboons, plastic bricks, sugar cubes, straws, lolly sticks and plasticine!  After the children had built their house they tested it and evaluated it.  We decdied that the plastic bricks made the strongest house.


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