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Willow Class - Reception - Year1




Willow class teachers are Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Hobley

Teaching Assistant are - Mrs Glover, Mrs Austen, Mrs Watson


This week the children have been finding more out about trees.  They have collected a variety of leaves from around the school grounds and sorted them according to different characterisitics.  The children have also found out that there are two types of trees - everygreen and deciduous - and have looked at how the leaves are different on these types of trees.  They have also learnt that some trees are fruit trees - some children found the apple trees in the woodland with Mrs Watson.  They picked some apples and brought them back o the classroom.  Mrs Watson then helped Willow class to make and cook an apple and blackberry crumble.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this and there were lots of clean plates left after they had tasted the finished product.  Thank you Mrs Watson!

crumble1 crumble2


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