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Willow Class - Reception - Year1




Willow class teachers are Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Hobley

Teaching Assistant are - Mrs Glover, Mrs Austen, Mrs Watson


Willow have been using the format of Handa’s Surprise to innovate their own versions and retell the story in writing. In maths, halving in Year R and sharing (fairly!) for division in Year 1. Continuing their science work on the senses, this week, Willow have been exploring their sense of touch – describing the items in the mystery bag as well as the textures of items from in and around school.


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Willow have continued their learning around Handa’s Surprise, acting and retelling the story. More food, but not to taste this week: using their sense of smell alone, in science, pupils identified coffee, cocoa, lemon, curry powder and soup – that would certainly make for an interesting recipe, though! Year 1s extended their learning of arrays through problem solving. African songs are busy being learnt and animal pattern print in art.

Red Nose Day - we have been taking part in the Dance-athon, practicing for performing the Macarena in assembly.

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Wacky Hair

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In Willow, children have been building bridges, in a literal sense, but also in a collaborative sense. They were really keen to show me their varying structures inside and outside. But which one will manage to carry all the Billy goats across the river I wonder? And what better way to end the week than rummaging through some animal poo? I’m sure they’ll all tell you about their rather sticky experience!


Happy Half Term from Willow Class

In Willow, a special Chinese New Year day was held on Thursday, learning and retelling the story of The Great Race; children found out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and made some Chinese butter cookies and some stir fried rice – exercising great determination and resilience with the chopsticks.


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