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Earith Primary School

Helping children improve in everything they do

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Oak Class - Yrs 5 - 6



 Oak class teacher is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Bainbridge


It's been a very active week in Hedgehogs this week! The class have enjoyed getting all the gym equipment out and exploring what their bodies can do. 

IMG 0995 600 IMG 1004 600
IMG 1017 600 IMG 1014 600

In English, we have written our own play scripts and the children are busy now rehearsing these plays ready to perform to the class. We've been practicing getting into different roles and discussing characters' emotions and feelings. See if you can work out how the characters are feeling below!

Lola 600 IMG 0217 600
Aidan 600 Thomas 600

sam 600

IMG 0204 600

It's been an exciting start to the term so far! We have launched our new topic- Famous Britons- and the children having been finding out about British legends who have changed our history. We've started reading Macbeth in English and used the witches spell to produce some imaginative pieces of writing- including: descriptive writing about the witches; poems in the style of Shakespeare and instructional writing based on our spells. Here's some pictures of us acting in the role of the witches:

IMG 0962 600 IMG 0972 600
IMG 0974 600 IMG 0978 600 IMG 0980 600

As well as English, the class have been using Macbeth to learn a song in music and a 'witchy' dance in P.E.

In science, we have started looking at changing materials and discovered that cornflour mixed with water acts like both a solid and a liquid. In maths, we have been calculating the area and perimeter of shapes and the children have persevered with some tricky reasoning questions. 

Well done to Mark and Rosie S for receiving certificates in assembly this week- very well deserved too!

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in

Hedgehogs Class


We have made our hats ready for the Christmas party this afternoon

tophatsSee more from the party on Latest News page

We had lots of fun this week practising and performing our Christmas Production.

Anti6 600 DSCN75981 600
DSCN75991 600 DSCN76021 600

DSCN76051 600


During anti-bullying week, the children learnt all about what bullying was; the different forms of bullying; why people might bully and how bullying affects the victim. We learnt a song, created posters and powerpoints and also took part in role-plays.

You can see us in role, in the following pictures. These plays taught others about bullying and how it is a deliberate and repetitive act that often involves an imbalance in power.

Anti1 Anti2
Anti3 Anti4
Anti5 Anti6
Anti7 Anti8


In Science we are studying plants. We have discussed the different parts of a flowering plant and dissected flowers to identify and label these parts. We're also trying to answer the question- If I cut off a part of a plant and re-pot it, will it grow back? We've propagated our plant parts and will be observing over the next few weeks what happens. Here's a bit of our work in action:

Sc1 Sc2
Sc3 Sc4
Sc5 Sc6

In RE, Hedgehogs have been learning abut the Hindu story of Ganesh (the elephant God). We created memorable plays of the story and performed to the class. Here's the class in action:


RE18 RE2
RE9 RE10
RE11 RE13
RE14 RE15
RE16 RE17