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Hedgehogs Class - Yrs 4 - 5 - 6




Hedgehogs class teachers is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Watson, Mrs Bainbridge, Mrs Ray and Mrs Thurston

PE days are Monday and Wednesday

Homework handed out on a Thursday and needs to be handed back in on a Tuesday

Hedgehogs Letters



Welcome to Hedgehogs class page!
We are a mixed year 4,5,6 class. We are enthusistic and hard working and strive to give our very best!


It's been a productive week!

In maths, we've been sorting 2D shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams and discussing their properties. We've been using lots of (very long!) mathematical words like- perpendicular, circumference and parallel! Here's one of our complex Venn diagrams:



In science, we are learning about materials- we had a go at sorting materials in different ways, then tested them to check how hard, flexible, magnetic, transparent and permeable they were. We finished by recording our results and discussing what the materials are useful for. Here's the class in action:




In English and geography, we have been studying Volcanoes- we have written poems, descriptions and explanations of volcanoes, as well as labelling all the different parts and understanding why and how they erupt. I'm sure you'd agree an enjoyable and hard-working week for all!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Planets class. We have had a very busy start already.

On Thursday we had a Jewish Day where the children learnt all about the basics of Judaism, Kosher food, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We finished the day by tasting some traditional Jewish foods including honey biscuits, that were made by the children and Mrs Watson, and Challah bread, made by Mrs Williams.




Honey Biscuits

On Friday we spent the day looking at different types of Extreme Weather. The children learnt about tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and snow/ice blizzards. They had to use fact files and the internet to find out information about each weather type and even took part in some scientific experiments to recreate some of the weathers.



Extreme Weather


New Picturefrom all in Planets class

On Monday we entered a football tournament at Kings in Ely.  We all had a fabulous time and enjoyed taking part.

IMG 0859 IMG 0861 IMG 0862
IMG 0863 IMG 0865 IMG 0870

This week we have spent everyday looking at bullying and discussing the affects bullying has on the victim. We watched 'To this Day Project', an extremely powerful poem by Shane Koyczan. Here's a short extract: 

It inspired us to write poems about how beautiful we are and write quotes about anti-bullying. We made our collection of quotes into short films on movie maker. There is an example, from me, below. The children are still working to complete their movies, which we will share next week.


Finally, we discussed the positive qualities people have and turned our ideas into a 'Recipe for a Good Friend'. The children thought very carefully about the ingredients that, when mixed together, make a good friend, for example, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness, sharing etc.

Welcome back to the second part of the Autumn term!

 This week has been a creative one! We've been writing some beautiful poetry and experimenting with imagery- simile, metaphor, personification and alliteration! As well as this, we've been studying 'Stone Girl, Bone Girl'- the story of Mary Anning and the fossil discoveries she made.

 In science, the children have been learning how fossils are formed and have been enjoying producing work around this topic- including- raps and songs about fossil formation (!), posters and Power Points.

 We were fortunate enough to have inventor and sculptor, Darcy Turner, visit our class for the afternoon on Wednesday. He showed the children how to create art out of metal. We had a tremendous afternoon sculpting our very own dinosaur models. We will be showing these off in assembly, on Friday!

and here is Mylo showing his


The children of Planet class have been creating beautiful pieces of art this week. We researched dinosaurs on the computer and copied one image each. In Microsoft word, we then cropped and zoomed in on four different parts of the dinosaur. After that, we created a set of observational drawings, which we then coloured with pastels- mixing and smudging to create the perfect effect. Here's our completed pieces, now on display in the classroom.

Well done team! Great effort!


You'll all be relieved to hear that the dinosaur eggs found in the senses garden are actually plastic. After extensive tests, palaeontologist (Dr Jones) concluded that they weren't real and made the surprising announcement to the class on Tuesday. We can now all sleep sound with the knowledge that there is not a T-Rex roaming Earith!

We've had a productive and busy week in class. In English we've started a four-week narrative project, where we will be writing our own action and adventure stories. In Science, we've been identifying adaptive traits that allow plants and animals to live in certain habitats. In art, we've started creating observational drawings of dinosaurs and are drawing four views of the creature for a class display. We've completed lots of work on the computers too, including creating documents on publisher, word and PowerPoint; the children have also learnt how how to crop pictures and use short-cut keys.

Year 6's have started various booster classes with Mrs Pritchard and year 5's are enjoying the Junior Warden club. Mrs Lawrence (me!) will be offering two-to-one writing masterclasses with the year 6's on a rota basis- so look out for a note/email inviting your child.