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Hedgehogs Class - Yrs 4 - 5 - 6




Hedgehogs class teachers is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Watson, Mrs Bainbridge, Mrs Ray and Mrs Thurston

PE days are Monday and Wednesday

Homework handed out on a Thursday and needs to be handed back in on a Tuesday

Hedgehogs Letters



Welcome to Hedgehogs class page!
We are a mixed year 4,5,6 class. We are enthusistic and hard working and strive to give our very best!


Planets class have been learning about Christianity in other countries, including a charity organisation called Faith in Action Ministries. They have been learning about a Christian group in Pondicherry, India that raises money by goat farming. They then contribute the money to schools, churches, and doctor surgeries.

To raise money for FIAM, they have decided to take part in a sponsored silence (up to an hour of silence) followed by an afterschool tuck shop. As a result, we would like to ask for sponsorship for the sponsored silence and donations/sales at the tuck shop. Thank you in advance for your support.

Planets class are able to answer questions about this charity, so please ask them for more information.

Sponsored Silence and tuck shop to be held on Thursday 9th March.

Please return form and money by Friday  10th March.

(see attached for Sponsership form if you have lost yours)

We also had some great costumes for world book day on 2.3.17





This week the children of Planets class have been learning about Mount Everest and expeditions. They have then written some persuasive texts trying to persuade the reader to climb Mount Everest. These will be available to read in the classroom very soon.

otm4Conqured Mount Everest - click here for more

The children have also been working very hard on their Spanish vocabulary this week - describing themselves and others. We've had some interesting games of Guess Who in Spanish!

Well, it's been another super week in Planet's class! The highlights of the week were-

Science investigations! We were set the challenge to test materials for their insulating properties. The children set up their own test and took measurements. See them in action below!

sc1 sc2
sc3 sc4

As you know, on Tuesday we had a visitor, who ran both a healthy lifestyles session and circuits workshop with us. Not only did we learn how to care for our bodies but we also had a highly-enjoyable exercise workshop, which got us all sweating!


sp1 sp2
sp3 sp4
sp5 sp7

You may have heard, there was a surprising volcanic eruption on the school playground, last week. But you'll have to come to our class assembly to hear more about that!

It's been a productive week!

In maths, we've been sorting 2D shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams and discussing their properties. We've been using lots of (very long!) mathematical words like- perpendicular, circumference and parallel! Here's one of our complex Venn diagrams:



In science, we are learning about materials- we had a go at sorting materials in different ways, then tested them to check how hard, flexible, magnetic, transparent and permeable they were. We finished by recording our results and discussing what the materials are useful for. Here's the class in action:




In English and geography, we have been studying Volcanoes- we have written poems, descriptions and explanations of volcanoes, as well as labelling all the different parts and understanding why and how they erupt. I'm sure you'd agree an enjoyable and hard-working week for all!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Planets class. We have had a very busy start already.

On Thursday we had a Jewish Day where the children learnt all about the basics of Judaism, Kosher food, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We finished the day by tasting some traditional Jewish foods including honey biscuits, that were made by the children and Mrs Watson, and Challah bread, made by Mrs Williams.




Honey Biscuits

On Friday we spent the day looking at different types of Extreme Weather. The children learnt about tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and snow/ice blizzards. They had to use fact files and the internet to find out information about each weather type and even took part in some scientific experiments to recreate some of the weathers.



Extreme Weather


New Picturefrom all in Planets class

On Monday we entered a football tournament at Kings in Ely.  We all had a fabulous time and enjoyed taking part.

IMG 0859 IMG 0861 IMG 0862
IMG 0863 IMG 0865 IMG 0870