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Oak Class - Years 5,6



 Oak class teacher is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Bainbridge


In Science we are studying plants. We have discussed the different parts of a flowering plant and dissected flowers to identify and label these parts. We're also trying to answer the question- If I cut off a part of a plant and re-pot it, will it grow back? We've propagated our plant parts and will be observing over the next few weeks what happens. Here's a bit of our work in action:

Sc1 Sc2
Sc3 Sc4
Sc5 Sc6

In RE, Hedgehogs have been learning abut the Hindu story of Ganesh (the elephant God). We created memorable plays of the story and performed to the class. Here's the class in action:


RE18 RE2
RE9 RE10
RE11 RE13
RE14 RE15
RE16 RE17


Our new class name is Hedgehogs and we will be updating you with news from our class!

Below are some of our activities from last year