Earith Primary School

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Oak Class - Years 5,6



 Oak class teacher is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Bainbridge


It's been an exciting start to the term so far! We have launched our new topic- Famous Britons- and the children having been finding out about British legends who have changed our history. We've started reading Macbeth in English and used the witches spell to produce some imaginative pieces of writing- including: descriptive writing about the witches; poems in the style of Shakespeare and instructional writing based on our spells. Here's some pictures of us acting in the role of the witches:

IMG 0962 600 IMG 0972 600
IMG 0974 600 IMG 0978 600 IMG 0980 600

As well as English, the class have been using Macbeth to learn a song in music and a 'witchy' dance in P.E.

In science, we have started looking at changing materials and discovered that cornflour mixed with water acts like both a solid and a liquid. In maths, we have been calculating the area and perimeter of shapes and the children have persevered with some tricky reasoning questions. 

Well done to Mark and Rosie S for receiving certificates in assembly this week- very well deserved too!