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Earith Primary School

Helping children improve in everything they do

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Oak Class - Yrs 5 - 6



 Oak class teacher is Mrs Lawrence 

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Bainbridge


On Friday 18th May, a group of children from year 5 & 6 attended the local Rotary's 'Festival of Youth', which consisted of an evening of food, music and presentations. Felix, Charisma, Isaac and Sam attended to celebrate winning the annual year 6 Rotary quiz and Thomas and Lola were invited because their winning 'Royal Wedding' poems. Mrs Lawrence and parents also attended and all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

Rot3 600

On Tuesday evening, a group of year 5 children represented the school in the regional maths challenge. Aidan, Harry, Thomas and Tayla went to Westfield School to answer some extremely challenging maths questions and compete against other schools from the area. We didn't make it through to the final, however the team did us proud with their impeccable behaviour, enthusiasm and excellent team work. Well done team Earith! 

Rot1 600 Rot2 600


Happy Half Term from everyone in Hedgehog class

We're so incredibly proud of the year sixes for the effort and dedication they put into their SATs last week. All gave their very best! A big thank you to Mrs Austen for getting our brains warmed up with sensory circuits every morning before the tests.

We're also proud of the year 4's and 5's in Hedgehog class, who had to be extremely flexible all week and get on with their work with a high level of independence- what a great bunch of role-models.


Welcome back to the summer term! We launched our topic on World War 2 this week. We've learnt why the war started and who the Allies and Axis powers were. We've also made our own gas masks and written a set of instructions explaining how we did it.

IMG 1263 600 IMG 1265 600
IMG 1272 600 IMG 1274 600

In maths, we've been looking at ratios and have done some practical tasks to compare amounts of different objects and then simplify our answers. Here we are having fun and learning at the same time!

IMG 1287 600 IMG 1288 600
IMG 1290 600 IMG 1291 600


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This last two weeks in Hedgehog Class have been just super! Not only have we had Egyptian day- where we learnt about mummification and made Egyptian artefacts. 


Egypt day


Egypt day 2

But we have also enjoyed a week of 'book week', focusing on Anthony Browne books and producing our own versions of 'Voices in the Park'. As well as this, we re-vamped our book corner with inspirational quotes and memes to encourage more children to read. I'm proud to say that our design caught the attention of Book Club and we WON the Book Club competition!

Book corner 2 Book corner 3 Book corner

It seems that the class are on a winning streak at the moment, as the year sixes also took park and won the 2018 year 6 Rotary quiz. With only a team of four up against much larger schools, this was a huge achievement! Well done team Earith!


Finally, a huge 'well done' to Hedgehogs for entertaining the crowd on Friday afternoon with their super assembly. They've worked so hard and produced some fabulous work! :) 

This week Hedgehogs have had a productive time being creative, imaginative, mathematical, logical and scientific. We've built structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows; made and tested water clocks; investigated the best amount of water for bottle flips; measured the perfect dabs; cut shapes out of paper with only one cut; designed and made our own helicopters and even invented and marketed our own products! Phew, what a fantastic week. 

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IMG 1088 IMG 1085
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