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Squirrels Class - Yrs 2 -3 - 4




Squirrels class teachers are Miss Moore and Mrs Williams

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Buttress 

PE days are Wednesday and Friday

Homework will be sent out on a Thursday and collected in on a Tuesday

Squirrels Letters


This week in Comet class, we have been looking at a range of different instructional texts and identifying the key features. We have looked at why writing instrcutions in the correct order is so important. We tried following some instructions to help us to understand how the features help us.

In Maths, we have been measuring length. We estimated and measured different items using cms and begun solving problems and comparing lengths too. 

We have had a very exciting week! 

On Thursday, we were singing in the hall when Pudsey Bear turned up! We were all very surprised as we were not expecting to see him. We sang him two songs and then went back to our class. 

We carried on with our work about diaries.... and then Pudsey cam to see us AGAIN! This time he visited us in our classroom. We had lots of hugs, high fives and posed for many photos. 

Mrs Simmonds has said that we can write our diary entries about his visit and we know that we will have lots to say! 

We are now looking forward to Children In Need day as we will be wearing spots and selling lots of cakes to raise money. 

This week, we have spent lots of time finishing our fossil art work. We reminded ourselves of all the skills that we have learnt so far. These included using different sized paintbrushes, mixing colours and using white to make different tones. On Thursday we drew and painted our final pieces. We worked very hard and are very proud of what we have achieved. 

We have also been practising for our class assembly. We hope you enjoyed it!! 


Mrs Simmonds is back in Comet's class this week! We have been showing her all of the lovely work that we did before the holidays and she has been very impressed. 

We have also been using our brand new Ipads! We have learnt how to use the camera, look at different apps and we then used Safari to log in to some Halloween activities on Purple Mash. We are now looking forward to using them lots more in our lessons this half term. 

1pad1 ipad2 ipad3
ipad4 ipad5 ipad6

Poetry in Comets Class

Over the last two weeks, the children in Comets class have been reading, reciting and writing poetry. During the week of 10th-14th October, the children wrote their own poems about ‘The King of all the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex. They enjoyed writing out their poems and using collage to create a background from the Cretaceous period for their dinosaur poem pictures. They also imagined being an autumn leaf and wrote some thoughtful and meaningful poems about changing season from summer to autumn. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Really big with a very loud roar,

Fierce, dangerous, daring with horrible breath,

The king of all the dinosaurs,

Tyrannosaurus Rex

By Lidia [Yr 2]



I am an Autumn Leaf

I am an Autumn Leaf.

I was happy and I felt good.

But now my home is lost.

I can’t find any signal to get home.

My only hope is the wind.

It is so scary and exciting.

I used to be green and healthy.

Now I am weak, brown and scared.

People stand on me and rip me all the time.

By Mark [Yr 3




This week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful work of Michael Rosen. They have learned a lot about performing a poem as well as reading and writing poetry. The week started really well with some amazing ‘personal’ raps. 

The Thomas Greavett Rap

When I was one, I beat Usain Bolt.

When I was two, everything was my fault.

When I was three, I thought I was extinct,

When I was four, I found a peppermint.

When I was five, I shot down the door.

Wen I was six, I pulled off the floor.

When I was seven, I went to heaven.

When I was eight, I found the Minion Kevin.

When I was nine, I ate up a rat.

When I was ten, I bought a cat.

A hip, hop, a hip hop hap,

Giving you all the Thomas Greavett rap.

By Thomas [Yr 4]








They have studied the following poem by Michael Rosen and thought of many different ways of usefully using hands.



This week we have finished our work about 'The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet'. We have been using all of our skills (adjectives, nouns/pronouns, paragraphs and conjunctions) when re-telling the story in our own words. Some of us were even able to include some dialogue and use inverted commas to punctuate the speech!

In Art, we created our own colour wheels by mixing the primary colours to create secondary colours. We even mixed different shades. Mrs Simmonds set us a challenge to see who could use a paintbrush carefully and have clean hands at the end of the afternoon! Luckily, we all passed and had stickers as a treat :)



This week we have been very busy completing challenges in Maths. We had to use our knowledge of place value to find missing numbers in number squares. Some of our squares had numbers beyond 1000! 

In English we have been using adjectives to describe settings in a story. We will use these to help us write descriptions next week. 

On Thursday we had a very exciting trip to Dinosaur Adventure! When we were there we saw lots of dinosaurs, went in the maze and met all of the other children to eat lunch together. We took lots of photos which we used to help us write our recounts back at school. 


Welcome back and welcome to Comet Class! 

We have already had a very busy and exciting couple of weeks.

In Maths we have been revising our knowledge of place value and using a wide range of apparatus to 'build' numbers as well  as 'drawing' and 'writing' them.

In English we have been reading the story of the 'Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet!'. There have already been lots of giggles and we are looking forward to finding out more about the plot, setting and characters soon. 

We have also completed some observational drawings of dinosaurs to go on the front of our new theme folders. Some of these are going to be displayed in the classroom and in the hall.



Some of our Comets

Comet1 Comet2