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Earith Primary School

Helping children improve in everything they do

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Squirrels Class - Yrs 2 -3 - 4




Squirrels class teachers are Miss Moore and Mrs Williams

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Buttress 

PE days are Wednesday and Friday

Homework will be sent out on a Thursday and collected in on a Tuesday

Squirrels Letters


We were a little disappointed this week as, because of the wind, we were not able to go on our school trip to Cambridge! However, we were still able to have a fun-filled day back at school. We spent the morning completing some art work and then watched a dvd linked to our topic in the afternoon. 

Earlier this week, we began our new art topic. We explored the jungle work of Henri Rousseau. We also learnt about his life and how he bacame a famous artist. 


This week we have been very busy making our volcano cakes!

We used lots of English and Maths skills whilst we were making them.  We followed a set of instructions, weighed and measured the ingredients and we had to read the scales to make sure that we had the exact amount of everything that we needed. We mixed everything together and baked them before lunch. After lunch, they had cooled enough for us to begin our decorating. We worked as a team to follow our designs. We added lollipop trees, squirty cream ash clouds, strawberry lace lava, gold dust rocks and much more....

cake4 cake1 cake2

Mrs Simmonds was covered in chocolate which we found very amusing! However, our favourite part of the day was when we got to taste our explosive, lava covered, chocolate cakes! Mmm! What a fun-filled day it was! 


This week we have been researching facts for our own non-chronological reports. We have looked at the key features of the reports and practised using technical vocabulary and writing captions. 

In Maths we have been solving mathematical problems using addition and subtraction. We also used the inverse relationship to help us to find missing numbers. 

In D&T we have been looking at how different cakes have been made. We thought about their flavours and decorations too. We then worked in groups to design our own volcano cakes which we will hopeully be able to make soon! 


Last week in our BIG Write we wrote stories about escaping from a volcanic eruption. We decided that we wanted to produce front covers for our books on the computer so, this week in our ICT session, we learnt how to use Wordart, how to insert and change the colour, size and font of text and how to copy and paste an image. We used all of these skills together to produce our front covers and we are very pleased with the results! 


In English, we have begun our work about newspaper reports. We have identified the features of a report and have been learning how to write in a journalistic style. We have really enjoyed being reporters! 

In Maths, we have been using the inverse to check the answers to addition and subtraction calculations and we have been using different strategies to find missing numbers. 

This week we have been using mental strategies to solve addition number sentences in Maths. We have recognised that we don't always need to use a written method.

In English, we have been thinking about how we can include suspense and 'grip' the reader when we are writing. We have been planning our own stories about a volcano eruption! 

On Tuesday we had a 'Health and Fitness' workshop. We took part in two sessions and learnt lots about how to look after our bodies. 

sportcom1 sportcom2

This week, we have designed front covers for our new theme folders. We used our observational skills to copy a volcano picture from the book, 'Escape from Pompeii', and then coloured them in beautifully. Mrs Simmonds was so impressed that we have even displayed some of our work in the classroom! 


In English, we looked at lots of the pictures from the story and made predicitions about what we thought was happening. We then read the story and identified the main events. We have been using vocabulary to show that time has passed, e.g. 'A moment later...' and 'After that...'. 

In Maths, we have been revising our knowledge of place value and finding missing numbers.

We have enjoyed our first day back at  school. We have reflected about the previous year and made some New Year's resolutions for 2017.  We even made these into a book for our book corner!...


Happy New Year!

New Picturefrom all in Comets class