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Earith Primary School

Helping children improve in everything they do

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Squirrels Class - Yrs 2 -3 - 4




Squirrels class teachers are Miss Moore and Mrs Williams

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Buttress 

PE days are Wednesday and Friday

Homework will be sent out on a Thursday and collected in on a Tuesday

Squirrels Letters


We have been using the bar model in Maths to help us with our addition and subtraction. It is a very visual method and we have found it really helpful! We will be using it to help us solve word problems later in the week. 

In English we have been reading legends about King Arthur. We looked at pictures and asked questions about what we wanted to find out. We then used the evidence to make predictions. We will be re-telling the legend of the 'Sword in the Stone' on Friday.


Welcome back to the Summer term! 

We are very excited about starting our topic on the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. 

This week we have been rounding numbers in Maths, writing Easter recounts in English and designing Viking shields for our new theme folder covers in Art.


We can't believe that it's the final week of the half term already! 

In Maths we have been learning to read and write the time. We have been converting times and solving problems by working out how much time has passed. 

We have also been working on our rainforest collages in Art and hope to have them finished by the end of the week. Here is a sneak preview of how they look so far....


Can you see how we are starting to build up the layers?


We are also looking forward to our Easter day on Friday.

Happy Easter from Comet class! 


This week we started our art collages of the rainforest. We had to think very carefully about how we would represent the different layers and take our time to complete one layer before moving on to the next. 

On Friday we all wore our pyjamas to school to raise money for Comic Relief! It was really funny trying to do our work whilst wearing them!


We have been practising our singing ready for Sing Up day next week! Our class are very excitied as we are going to be singing 'Ain't No Mountain'. We can't help but smile when we sing it!

In our Art lesson we continued thinking about Henri Rousseau's jungle pictures. We used lots of different materials, including tissue paper, sugar paper and even corrugated border roll to explore different textures and colours. We then spent some time practising different skills that we may decide to use when we complete our final collages. We tried cutting and tearing the materials as well as coiling, mixing, tessalating shapes, scrunching and overlapping! 


In Maths this week we have been recognising that multiplication and division are inverse operations. We have used this to find fact families and to check the answers to our number sentences. We also looked at how multiplication can be done in any order and thought about equivalence. 


In our Computing lesson we discussed how we can use the Internet to search for information. We looked at search engines, including 'Kidrex' which is safer for children to use. We thought of key words to refine our searches and found information about our current topic- rainforests. 


This week we have been practising our class assembly. We are looking forward to sharing all of our work about Pompeii on Friday! 

We have also been enjoying Book Week. We watched a musical theatre show on Monday morning. This was based on four books including, 'The Darkest Dark' by Chris Hadfield. We read the book in class and completed some follow up work around it. The story is all about realising that your dreams can come true. We thought about our own dreams and wrote about how we could work hard to give us the best chance of achieving our goals. 

PompaiWe are looking forward to seeing the book characters that everyone dresses up as tomorrow!