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Maple Class - Years 2,3,4




Maple class teachers are Mr Abbs and Mrs Williams

 Teaching Assistant  are - Mrs Ray and Mrs Thurston


This week we were practising for our class assembly with Mrs Williams. We had lots of fun  and hope that you enjoyed it! :)


We also started our work on symmetry in Maths. We used mirrors to complete reflective patterns. 

We are looking forward to STEM week next week.

This week, we have been planning our very own chapter to be added to the story of 'The BFG'. We thought about the giants that we created at the beginning of the unit and have developed a new plot where they get up to lots of mischief! We have been enjoying writing the chapters over the course of this week. 

We have been so inspired by the story that lots of children in our class have drawn pictures of the BFG at home. Miss Moore was so impressed that she has put some of these up on our working wall! 

BFG George

In Maths, we have begun to learn about mass  and how to read scales in  grams and kilograms. We have also thought about how to convert different measurements. 

This week has been very exciting as we have begun reading Road Dahl's 'The BFG'! We have started to think about the character is descibed in the early chapters and we used noun phrases to write our own descriptions. 

We then wrote recipes to explain how to make a meal for a big, friendly giant! We are looking forward to reading more next week and finding out what happens.

IMG 1100dahl

Wecome back and a Happy New Year! 

We are looking forward to our new topic 'Famous People' where we will be learning about Kings and Queens this term. 

We have already started drawing some pictures of famous monarchs.


We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in

Squirrels Class


On Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon we put on our Christmas productions. We all sang beautifully, spoke clearly and had lots of fun dancing our dances! 

Here we are dressed and chilling before our performance

DSCN7564 600 DSCN7565 600 DSCN7566 600
DSCN7567 600 DSCN7568 600

Here are a few pics and video of us

DSCN7575 600 DSCN7576 600
DSCN75921 600 DSCN75941 600


In class we have been busy making hats ready for our Christmas party. Some of them are very sparkly! 

crown1 crown2 crown3

 See more from the party on Latest News page

This week, we have been working very hard completing all of our assessments for the term. We have all tried our best and shown lots of resilience!

We have also been rehearsing the Christmas Production and practising our dances and lines ready for the shows next week. 

This week we have been writing instructions ready to follow to make our cookies in a jar mixtures. 

On Friday we got to have lots of fun actually making them! We measured all of the ingredients and put them in a jar. We then designed labels and sewed hems to make material lids for the tops. 

Work in Progress


We think they look really good. Come along and buy one at the Christmas Bazaar! 

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