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Orangutan Class - Years 2 and 3




Orangutan class teachers are Mrs Williams and Miss Moore

This week has been choco-tastic in Orangutans!
They have loved inventing, designing and making their own chocolates and packaging. We have had 'spoonful of m'mallow', 'pop sticks', 'fluffy surprise', ...just to name a few. Children have chosen their chocolate (milk or white), chosen their additional ingredient (popping candy, caramel, marshmallows or plain) and then their mould shape (pacman, lego figures, hearts...and much more). The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!
Thank you to the parents for letting us borrow your moulds and thank you to the children of Orangutan class for a choc-tastic week!
I am looking forward to hearing about your home-learning so please stay in touch.
Stay safe xx
Mrs Williams
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