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Maple Class - Years 2,3,4




Maple class teachers are Mr Abbs and Mrs Williams

 Teaching Assistant  are - Mrs Ray and Mrs Thurston


Maple have been reading ‘Daisy saves the Day’ – a story set just after the Victorian period. They have been writing emotively in their diaries from the perspective of Daisy, the central character. Number patterns have ensued in maths and children have enjoyed learning about the progress they made in their papers from assessment week. In history, we enjoyed hot seating a member of the school community who remembered what the school was like thirty years ago, as well as handling real photographs and the school register from the 1950s.

Maple have been busy debugging and using Logo to create algorithms in Computing; bolstering their knowledge of money with interlinked word problems and continued their work on Queen Victoria in History.


Maple have been busy persuading Mrs Williams that life is far easier now compared to Victorian times, and in History, we’ve learnt some interesting facts about Queen Victoria and the impact she had. Money in maths: calculations, value of coins, Morrison’s meals and Suzie’s sweet shop!

Red Nose Day - we have been taking part in the Dance-athon, practicing for performing the Macarena in assembly.

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Wacky Hair

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In Maple, we ditched the tables and chairs for a couple of days in order to spread out, and we certainly needed the space! Children built, trailed and tested their team marble runs. On the second day, children successfully built their own boats, powered by a chemical reaction. However, these were not desperately successful when it came to sailing. In fact, in the children’s own words, ‘EPIC FAIL!’ Although it wasn’t quite the showstopper we had envisaged, children were able to discuss where and why they perhaps were not as successful as we had hoped. There has been fidget spinner investigations in maths; Egyptian Cinderella work as well as some explanatory recounts of their STEM designs.


Happy Half Term from Maple Class

In Maple class this week, children have learnt a new word…hyperbole. But don’t worry, I’ve assured them it’s not some sort of Intergalactic American Football…ask them! They’ve used hyperbole as well as many other persuasive devices to try and convince Mrs Williams and I to take them to Egypt. In maths, we have continued work on subtraction, times and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as estimating and measuring. The children, in science, have created their own animals and wrote about how they have adapted to their environment, as well as finding out about how real animals have, too. As you read this, the children will have performed their class assembly so I do hope it went well.

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